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Third Rail Reaches Chelsea

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Chelsea, Mich., Nov. 16- The ladies of the First Baptist Church of this place have completed arrangements for their annual fair and supper at the opera house on Wednesday evening this week.

Boland has at last got the third rail laid to the west limits of the village, but that is but a small portion of the work that remains to be done. The wire gang and bonding crew each have considerable to do before the road will be ready to operate. Through the village all of the poles have yet to be set and the overhead trolley wires strung and while the company have a large force of men at work and seemingly plenty of material on the ground it will take time to close up the gap between this place and Grass Lake.

The Sweet Concert company are billed for an engagement at the opera house on Monday evening, Nov. 23.

Several Chelsea sports took in the foot ball game at Ann Arbor on Saturday between the P. of M. and Wisconsin.

Con Lehman and Miss Tillie Girbach, so the cards say, will enter into the marriage contract on the 24th inst.

Miss Elizabeth Murphy of this place and Joseph Remnant of Jackson will be united in Marriage on Tuesday Nov. 24, at St. Mary’s church. Rev. Fr. Considine will sing the nuptial mass.

Hon. J.S. Gorman has decided to retire from active farming and on the 19th will sell off the personal property on his large farm in Lyndon at auction.

It is said that Portland Cement Co. expect to begin work on their plant at Four-Mile Lake again in the near future.

The Peat Fuel Co. have had several parties here the past week figuring on placing machinery in their plant in position, some of which has already arrived on the ground, but it is hardly thought at this time that the inhabitants of Chelsea will burn peat as fuel this year.

The ladies of St. Mary’s church will serve a supper at the opera house on Wednesday evening, Nov. 25th.

O.C. Burkhart will sell of the personal property on his farm in Lima on Tuesday, Nov. 17. He has rented his farm to Samuel Wacker who has already taken possession.

Marty Wackenhut returned from Indiana Saturday where he has been buying and shipping onions for the past two weeks.


Chelsea. Mich., Nov. 19 – The ladies at the Baptist church who held their annual fair and supper at the opera house last evening, report that their expectations where fully realized in a financial way as well as socially.

The rummage sale of the Epworth League that has been in progress for the past week will go out of business at the end of the week so the managers say.

Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Daniels of North Lake, will entertain the Ladies Aid society of that place on Friday evening, Nov. 27.

O.C. Buskhart reports that his sale of farm stock and implements held in Lima on Tuesday, amounts to $1,700.

Gus Begole and Scott Shell were initiated into the mysteries of the K. of P. order last evening. As the evening was rather cold and judging from the actions of the boys this morning the lodge goat must have made it rather lively for the candidates.

Mr. Harrison of the firm of Harrison & Moran has moved into the house of John Conaty on Main street, south.

Sixteen new houses have been added to the confines of Chelsea during the building season of this year.

Jno, Heiber, who is building a new house on Taylor street, has the work on the same well advanced and it is reported that John is about to take unto himself a fair one, who will write her name Heiber. Good for you, John.

St. Mary’s parish will have one of their famous suppers at the opera house on Wednesday evening, Nov. 25.

The new hardware store of the Bacon Co-Operative Co., seems to be meeting with remarkable success if one is able to judge from the goods that seem to be going out of the place.

Leach & Bates shipped to Detroit yesterday three carloads of stock.