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How English Kings And Queens Died

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ïlliaui the Conqucrer (lied f rom enormous fat, from drink and from the violence of his passlons. WlUiam Iiufus died the denth of the poor stags wliich tic Imnted. Henry Í. died of gluttony. Henry II. died of a broken heart, occasioned by tke bad conduct of his cïiildren. Richard Cour de Lion, like the animal trom which his heart was named, died by an arrovv from an archer. John dlcd, nobody knows how; but it is said from chagrín, which we suppose, is another name for a dose of hellebore. Henry III. is said to have died a natural death." Edward I. is also said to have died of a "natural sicfcness" - a sickness which would puzzle all the college physlcians to denomínate. Edward II. was barbarously and indecently murdered by rullians employed by his own wife und her paramour. Edward III. died of dotage and Richard II. of sturvation - the very reverse of George IV. Henry IV. is said to have died of "fits caused by uneasiness," and uneasiness in places In those times was a very commoii complaint. Edward V. Is said to have died of a "pain fu] aillietion, picmiturely." This is a courtly teim for gi-tting rid of a king. Henry VI. died in prlson, by means known then only to the j lilor, and now only known in heaven. Henry V. was strangled in the Tower by his unole, Richard III. Richard III. was killed in battlc. Henry VII. wusted away, as a miser ought to. Henry VIII. died of carbunclos, fat and fury. Edward VI. died of a decline. Queeu Bess is said to have died of a broken heart. Uld Queen Bass is said to have died of melaneholy, from ha ving aacrifieed Essex to his encmies. Jame3 I. died of drinking and the effects of vice. Charles I. died On the Ecaffold. Charles II. died suddenly- it is said of appoplexy. Wllliam II[. died of consumptlve habits of body and from the stumbling of his horse. Queen Annie died ofdropsy. George I. died of drunkenness, wliich his physicians politely callcd an appoplectic üt. George II. died of a rupture of the lieart, which the periodicals of that day termed a visión of God. George III. died as he had lived- a madman. ïliroughout his lifehewas'a consistent monarcli. George IV. died of gluttony and drunkenness. Wibble- Bigirars and his wife always remind me of a mulé. Wabble- ín wliat wuy? Wibble- All the horse sense In the combination belong? to tho botter half.- Terre Iluute Express.


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