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Our neighbor, the Register, must be troubled with the politica! "Li Grlppe" or something of the soit. For severul weeka it has attempted to tlnow theexadations of it3 nassal append-ige at the CouRiBic, resulting in a thoroughly billious attack on the postofrk'e question. Week before last it made the siily a9sertioa that the Coirieh was governed y marosnarp ruoUvw iu its loyalty to to the república party. That assertion must look a Iiltle peculiar to the public who know the facts so well, that the Courier lus never had au office In It9 liistory, n whicb there has been a dollar In money, while tliis ollioe and its propiietor have, without exception, contributed liberally to the legitímate expenses of everg campaignfor the past twenty years. Xot only contributed good, hard cash, but there stand on the book3 of the Couriisr to-day amounts running into t'ic hundreds of dollar3 for campaign printing that bas never been paid, and there are many dollars worth of slips also cliarged upou the Courier books ordered by candidatos, who appeared to feel that the burden of running for offlje was all they should be called upon to bear. Still furthcr no candidato has ever been askcd to or contributed one cent for the columns upon columns of space given them in the Colrier. If the RegUter had any record whatever other than its weakly now-you-seeme and now-you-don't go as you picase jumps from protection to f ree trade, thcn to Henry George theroies - (bordcring on anarchy) - from thence plump into the arma of St. John, humming all the whlle in antl-Alger rcfrain as t twines itself around the imaginary saylngs of "onn; prominent repubücan,1' t would not be as free to ascrlbe to others mercenary motives. The proposition in the last issue of the Résister to publish the names of the signers to the various petitions, and reopen the entire question, Is but anolher dodge of that paper to keep the in constant turmoil, and receive pats on the back therefor from shrewd political enemies. If the Register tliinks that is a wlse course to pursue why don't it take the copy of Mr. Suinner's petition, whicli it asserts that gentleman is so reidy to make public, and publish it? If, ing tp that paper's assertion, nearly all of the republicana of tliis locaüty are to be found thereon, itmay uot. ba ncccasnry to publish tbe othcr list. Mr. Beal is entirely wllling to huve bis list given to the public, however, and woul'.l feel very proudof it.fhould thesi{iners tbereon consent to liuve that course pursued, and to tbc Kegister is asslgned the task of sccing each individual subseriber, and galDinj hia consetit thereto. If Bucoessful tlien that paper wlll have accoinfilUlicd a work worthy of notice, and will have a bctter idea of the forces whicli it U trying to belittle. Why is it that now, long after the polla have closed, the Kegister proprietors bncome f o deeply interested in Mr. Suniner's behalf ? If for any motive other tlian to créate dissension in the party ■why did they not show that interest in behalf of their candidute wlien the ptitions were bcfore tlie public? Wbat good results do they expuct to accomplish dow ? Such a course then wou'd have been credible and fair, and iniglit have resulted in some beuetit to lts candidale, if that paper's support of any party or candidato is a benelit, whlcli, as yit, remains to he seen. In regard to tlie Courier "read'njf prominent republicana out of the pnrty," we liave this mach to say: This paper lias never ailvoc ited anything bat Uue repablican principies. It lias never read any one out of ttie party, but on the contrary welcomed every acoesslon i' the party's ranks. Tlie Register appears to have thouglit that it liad a strap around the necks of its republican readers, and every little while hus attempted to lead them oit' on some of lu liobbies, but after flnding itself standing alone eaeh time it bas hastonrd back into tlie fokl. Wlien it slmll go duit agiiiu on some visionary theory ia probably only a question of time.


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