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[Tlila column hns been glven to the sltilents of the High School, and they wlll edit and conduct 11 . . All the commercial sluilentsnrepleased wilh the excellent new arrangement?. An examination in Germán wlll be beid Wednesday of next week, at 2 p. m. Ia Supt. Ferry's room. Prof. Willes was not able to take charge of his class the lirst of the week on account of sickness. Tliere will be a sociable of the senior class Friday evening at tlie residence of Miss Tozer, 10 S. Thaver. Someofthe stndents wlio are boiiiul to keep up witu the advance of civilinatlon tackled the la grippe during vacatlon. Without exception every one canie out sccond-best. "I really know of nothing more tlcmoralizing to a boy, or inore ruinous to a school, than that false sense of honor wlilch leads to the coverinj; up of one inotlier's faults of conduct."- Dr. J. O. Holland. Fridiiy niglit "Tlie Arena" will decide "once tor all," whether or not a lawyer shoulil defend a criminal. The publ'c is invited to occupy, free of charge, all ivailable seats in tlie Rmphl theater. Tlie circus opens promptly ut 7:30. The studenta who visited uil t!ic time (luring vacution ind ueglccted thtir studies are, like Beltamy, "Lookin backward" with sorrow and regret on what they once enjoyed, and like liim. wish they were better preparad to tike in the situation. The Detroit High School rugby team wants a year's time to practice up bcfore they piny the return gnvae with our team. After the fr'n ':st fall in wbiclj tlie ssore stood 14 to 6 in favor of our boys, the Delroits promUod to play the return game in Ann Arbor on any date our boys uilülii desígnate. Toree uifluretit dates wcrc set for tliem but tliey fnüeJ to put :i their appcarance. Wonder f they object to getting bc-aten, or wlictber thcir mamas wouldn't let tliem come? A VALUABLE ADD1TION. Tbe citizens of Aun Arbor and vicinity wlll be plensed to know that tbe business department of the High School has been fitteel up with business offices of the most modern style, incladlng a bank, railroad oftice, real estáte and Insurance offices, commission and jeb house?, wholesale and retail mercanlilo houses, and in fact all the appliances for carrying on business as it is carried on in Ihe outMde business world. These offices are all supplied with large bnsinesa books, where the business transacted with the students is ree rded in the most practical manner, illustrating all forms of book-keeping from the simplest to the most complete, includlng joint stock and Corporation bookkeeping. Instead of copying from a text-book as heretofore, students buy and sell, deposit money In bank, pay bilis, give and take recelpt.0, ship goods to other merebants to be sold on commission and in fact go through the entire routine of an active merchant which he is m fact. During the continuance of thU work he uses all the different foims ordlnarily iound lu business, such as notes, checks, drafts, receipts, invoices, statements, bilis of lading, deposit tickets, way bilis, leases, deeds, inortgages, bilis of sale, Insurance policies, etc., etc., thus he learns to do by doing wlr.cli is the key-note of all successful education. Prof. McClenahan who bas charge of the work is a gentleman of over tweuty year3 experience iu the countingroom and tbe sobool-room, and understands what is needed before a young man can hope to be of service to the commtiuity. We congratúlate the very mcessary department to such a high degree of excellence. Tbe following is tlie program to bo obseivetl by tbe Lotus Gleee Club, Saturday evening: 1. TheStndents Lacoine Lotus Glee Club. 2. Scène from Ingomar Lorell Miss Marshall. 3. Slepp Well Abt Mr. Dcvoll. 4. The San ds O' Dee Goldbeck Lotus Glee Club. 5. Tüe Sallor's Wooini lljeckel Mr. Lewls. 0. Tüe MInuet Auon Miss Marshall. 7. Massa's In the C'old Qround, arranged by Frank J. Smlth 8. InOldMadrld Trote:e Mr. Long. 9. In the Catacombs Anon Miss Marshall. 10. Bedouln Love Song Plnsuti Mr. luvis. 11. Serenado Abt Lotus Glee Club.


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