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Circuit Court Proceedings

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L. M. Stevens vs. II. S. Deun and Z. P. Kíiik. Ordered ili:t plnlntlft" file a bond ou or before Jan. 10, IK), in the sum ofS75or show cause, and tiiat all proceedlngs be stayed ti ti r i i sald bond Is üled. The same lo be without cos ts. Rebeccn Henrlque vs. The Ypsllantl SavIngs Bank. All proceedlngs stayed on thft flling ofa bond of SS .000, untll further ordered. Kozalla S. Lovejoy vs. Everett L. Lovejoy. Dlvorce. Decree tjranted. Wm, Knlenkamp vs. T. Joscph Lerg and John Groff. Sult brought to collect a note. Verdict of Jury "no cause for action." Thls Is the second time this has been trled the rii preme eourt reverslng Judtce Klnne's decisión on the former trial. Now the jury practlcally sustuius Judge Klnue'.s foriner deels Ion. George Lnmb vs. Oeorge Goodrich. Plalnt in' suinii its to non sult wlth leave to move to set same aside durlng thls term. Jadrment entered for defendant agalast plaint If and surety. Thos. FlPmlng vs. Franols Bccman. Slander. Verdict dainages 815. Kute h. Moore vs. Weltord B. Thompson. CoDtlnucd ou payment of f43 costs. Albert Case vs. Andrew M. Leonard. Coutluued by counsel. Aaron Ij. Taylor vs. Davls A. Warnpr et al. Verdict of the Jury ti cents for plalnllff. Emma A. Uockwell vs. Xnncy Tultle. et al. Contlnued. _ _______i Mary Schalble vs. J. G. Schalble. Con tlnued. Georee W. Bullís vs. H. Q. Prettyman Contlnued by consent. Holland Fletcher vs. Geo. Roper. Appeal. On trial


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