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Remetnber the Lotus Glee Club, Unlvereity hall, Saturday evening, Jan. llili. One of the fust and best entertainmer.ts to be heard this season, wil] be tliatof the Lotus Glee Club, at universlty Iiall, Saturday evening, Jan. llth, 1889. The Lotus Glee Club, at university ball, Saturday evening Jan. llth, 18S9. One of the Iine9t entertainments to be heard in Ann Arbor this season. Under the nuspices of the Student's Lecture Assuciatiun. Listen to this from the Pall Mali Qazette: At the Rev. and Mrs. Hawel's second mal inee, at Queen's House, CbeliCa, the famous l.i i iis Club from Boston, r.s. A., made lts appeurance. Glee singlng has perhaps never beeu carrled to greater perfectlon. Thoy filug with a flulsh and ensemble that wekï the volees together Ike an organ chord,- but an tnspired organ chord, in which each uote has a soul. Kíngsley's "Three Flsliers" WBB followed by a sk Hul labial imita! um of the banjo, absolutely deceptlve. The crowd at the roo n nskt-d, "Wlio's playing the banjo? " and those close by were hardly disillusloned. The clever and cunsummate sineers nra ting quite Ihe rage, as tlïey well deserví lo be. Indeed, they are nrst-rate iu all etyles, grave and gay. "THE TOUHISTS" AGAIN. Applause ind laughter were alinost continuous at the Globe Thcatre yesterilay. The holiilay andiences welconied the revival of ''The Tourists in a Pullman Pulace Car" with such cordiality indeed tliat Mtstayer may count iu advance upon a week here of very decidcd success. Praotlcallr, tliere is no new "thread of plot" in the amusing piece; and none is needed. It is an excsllcntly deviscd concoction, and its rcproduction is likely to meet with. prosperity secoud only to tliat of the original pro'luction. "The Tourists" is not a classic. But in its arrangement and posslbilities of incident, the skit ís decldedly better than almost all in the long line of musical furcicalitit'8 that follow it. "The Tourists" Is a good vehicle lor the display of Hiss Theresa Vaugbn's lemarkable skill as a vocalist as well as Mr. Mestnyer's drolleries. But "The Touiists" is very far from being a tvvo diameter skit. Tliere is a company of popular people to support the stars and all have Rood opportunitics. Tliat tavorite of other days uurlesque, Emily Soldene, gives a food perst n ition of a sentimental crcature well ad vaneed in years. Josepli Ott is eztremely funnyasthe conductor, with a brogue of biogues, and unlimited mirtli was also afiorded by Kagleton's portrayal of the consumpüve man who is so mucli inteiested in Peoría, lie does not "nre the toiigu tliis trip, uut lie lias [)lenty to do for all that. There are several pretty girls to help miike stage groupitigs attructive to the eye ; and of courae the comi)any has been engaged with a view of securing good singels as well as biight performers. Mestaycr and Vauglin are seen to all the better advantage In presenting "Tourists" surroundingg. The plece holds the Globe all the week - Boston Herald. At the grand opera house, Wednesday eyening, Jan. 8th. Of tbc Lotus Glee Club which appears at University hall on Saturday eveniug next, the following is from Vanity Fulr, jublished at Loudon, Kiifiland: Tbe arllstlc success of tbe evening awalted hequartette of Araerlcaa gentlemen calllrit; Lhenmelves Ibe Lotus Club, wbo appeared our times, and were twice encored. Itwaa he lirst time 1 bad beard 1 hem, nu I bope it wlü uot be the last. Tliey are admiiably uatcbed In volee, tbeir expressiou Is perfect and tbey are thoroughly artlstlc in tlieir ïumorous ns in tbcir sentimental dittles. 'MaüKa's lu de Cold Grouod," wltb an imiinpion banjo accompanliuent by oue of tbe party, was given wltu a qualnt, patheüu [race that carrled tbe audiencc; and tbe verve of the encoré was delleious.


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