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GET Your Pocket Books Ready For The ANNUAL January GREEN TICKET! MARK DOWN SALÍ': 01' SCHIARER&MI1EN. This Sale Will Begin Friday Morning January 3d, 1890, as a Happy New Year Offering and continued for thirty days. This Sale Does Not Apply To One Ttiing But ÜVKlIVTIilM.. We Are Going to Make You Happy With LOW PRICES. Buy Black and Colored Silks Now. Buy Colored Dre3s Goods Now. Buy Black Mohairs and Henriettas Now. Buy Hosiery Gloves and Underwear Now. Buy Corsets, Ribbons and Kid Gloves Now. Buy Flannels, Blankets and Comfortables Now. Buy Table Linens, Towels and Napkins Now. Buy Lace and Chenille Curtains Now. Buy Embroidered Laces and Muslin Underwear Now. Buy Shirtings and Tickings Now. Buy Your Spring Cottons Now. Buy Childrens and Misses Cloaks Now. Buy Plush Jackets and Gloaks Now. Buy Cloth Jackets, and New Markets Now. Buy Everything you will want For The Next SIX MONTHS NOW, and Save Money. Cash Only Can do The Businees This Month. Sehairer & Muien ANN ARBOR'S NEW ENTERPRISE The Peninsular Soap Co., located on tne corner or suuut mam aiiu Madison sts., manufacture only the best grades of fine Laundjiy and Toilet Soaps. Our manager, having had many years of practical experience in this line and using only the purest stock, we can assure the public that our goods will be seeond to none found on the market. We ask you to PATRQNIZE HOME INDUSTRY Only on Condition that our Goods are equal to those manufactured elsewhere. Your attent ion is called to some of our brands now ready for the trade. "GOLD BLOCK" is our leading brand of regular Laundry and is warranted to be in every respect second to none, and all we ask is a fair trial with the very best the market affbrds. "SILVER BLOCK" is our specialty in the way of a pure white soap at popular priccs. It is specially adapted for washing fine clothes, also for general kitchen and toilet use. It is absolutely pure and its equal is not found in the trade. "HAPPY FAMILY" is one of our popular brands and is in every way a full value sosp. "OLD GERMÁN " will be just the thing for those wishing a large amount of goods for a small sum, while our " SCOUR BRIGHT " is absolutely indispensable if you wish all the kitchen utensils and house generally kept clean and bright. Maiden's Hlvsh, Golden Iod, StudenC-s Own, Pure Coco Oil, Pure Pine Tar, Iloney, Fine Ca-s-tt'tc, -Je, Mc. Are some of our many brands of Toilet Soaps, all of which are made from the best imported and domestic stock. All of Our Jírams stamped plainly PENINSULAR SOAP CO., ANN ARBOR, MI Cl f. Ask your dealer for our soap and i f he does not have it in stock, drop a postal to us and wc will see that you are supplied with the best. PENINSULAR SOAP CO., ANN ARBOR, MlCH.


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