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"A good book is the best of Friends - th...

"A good book is the best of Friends - th... image
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"A good book is the best of Friends - the same to day andforever.'" &RAND HOLIDAYIpENING AT W AH R'S The r,eadlg Bookstore in Ann Arbor. BOOK LOVERS Will flnd the largest Collection ol Fine Art Books, Booka of Ktchiugs, Pnotogravures, etc, etc. A BEAUTIFUL LINE OF DAINTY BOOKS, Calendara, and. in short, all the leadiug Holiday Books publlshed for 1889. WE OFFER 2,000 25 CENT BOOKS Of Standard Works on Biography, I Poetry, Hlstory, Fictlon, etc. 1,000 - 48 CENT BOOKS In % Russla Binding. The best edli n 'iis ever publlshed. TEACHERS' BIBLES The Lorfdon.Eyre &- Spottiswoode and Bacster Bible In all gradea of Binding. FOR YOUNcTpEOPLE We have an Immense assortment. All Grades and All Prices. SPrayer Books, Gold Pens, 'Inkstands, Fine Plusli Goods and Albuins a speelaliy. We Invite you to luspect our LAKVK STOCK AND LOW PRICES. THE LEADING BOOKSTORE. GEü. WAHR IN MASONIC BLOCK ZNEA-iriSr 8TBEET. J. J. GOODYEAR Ko. 5 8. HAIN SI. ■'■.:'? í j5_(3_SÍí - DRÜGGIST lt wlll be to your advanlagc to cali upon hlm before purchaslng QftUGS, CHEMICALS, MEDICIJTES. PRESCRIPTIONS ! accurately and carefully prepared by the most competent PharmaclsU. Th o flnost line of gooda in all dciinrtnicnts, to be ï'onnd in a drus atore. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South Main St., Aun Arbor. The oldest agency In the city. Establlshed over a quarter of a century ao. Represen tlng the followlng flrst-class oompaulus, with over $00,000,000 Capital and Assct. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. GIHAKD INS. CO., of Phlladelphla. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL UNION, of London. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and GLOBE. WASHINGTON FIRE and MARINE, of Boston. Knies Lovr as the Lo west, Losse Liberally Ailjustcd and proniptlj Paid. C. H. MILLEN. THIS PAPER sares??. Kcwspaper Advertlsing Bureau (10 Spruca gtrect),whcrea(!v-r. B"lll Ifffllll tlsiug contracta raay Mla Ml VIIKK


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