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BbADSTBKET'8 on the :'!"li uit. reported a total of H,719 business failures in tho United Statrs the past yi-ar, against 10,687 in 1888. The total liabilitieswere $140,559,490, against $120,342,402 tho previous yeor. The assets the past year wen 19, against $01,999,911 in ü--. A cali, for the purpose of organizlnff a National aasooiation was Issuedon tho 30th uit. by the provisional committee of tho non-partlsan W. C t. ir. Tho meetings will begin January 22 at Cleveland. O. The Dunkard College at liridgewater, Pa., was barned on tho SOth uit. H was one of three in tho I'nited States, the other two being locatcd respoctivcly at Mount .Morris. [11., and Huntingdon, Pa. : The Academy of Muslo in course of eroction at St. Louis foll in a hoap on the SOth uit., owing, it was thought, to a bed of quicksaml under it. As A result of the collapse of the Western Passenger Association a rate war was begun on the SOth uit., and the St. Paul road had out the first class rate from St. Paul to Chicago I8.50. The report on the 30th uit. of Commissioner of Education Dawson esti. matod that $122,45.,000 in round numbers was expended for tho education o! twelvo million children in the United States the past ycar, an average cost ol $11 a child per annutn. Hox. GbOBOE Si a ui;, president of the National Bank of Coldwater, Mich., feil from tho veranda of tho sanitarium at Battle Creek on the 30th uit. and was killed. : The employés of Carnegio's Homestead (Pa.) steel works wero notiñed on the SOth uit. of an advanco of sixteen per cent. in wages to go into elfect immediately. Turc visible supply of wheat and corn in the United States on the 30th uit. was, respectively, fi:;.!7U)4Sand 8,099,901 bushols. The trado outlook was very promising on the SOth uit., and business men and financiers all over the country concurred in the opinión that tho next twelve months would bo unusually prosperous. IllMIOBAJTTS arrived at Castle Garden, Xcw York, last year to the number of 315,228, which was a falling off from the year bef ore of Cs.:;ti7. Duhixg tho year 1889 there were 98 legal hangings in the United States, against 87 the previous year, and 175 persons were lynched, against 144 in 1S88. lx the United States during the past year 83 centenarians dicd, of whom 37 wore males and 4ö were témales. The boiler in a saw-mill at Kim, 111., sxploded on the 31st uit., instantly killing the engineer, fireman and sawyer. DuiuxG the year 1889 7,719 lives were lost in various disasters in this country as follows: Drowning, 5,705; fires, 880; cyclones, storms, 1(:5; explosions, 349; mines, 308; falling buildings, 99; lightning, 215. In railwBy accidents 2,438 persons were killed, against 1,554 in 1888. In marine disasters 2,000 lives wero lost, against 4,095 tho previous yoar. The grand total of monoy embezzled from corporations, private firms and the United States (overnment during the year 1S89 was $S,5G2,753. The number of persons wno committed suicide in the United States during the year 1SS9 was 3,334, against 1,487 in 1888. Of this number 1,903 were males and 321 females. Tho total number of murders committod was 3,507, against 2,184 in 1888. lx Mltohell County, S. CL, Monroe Garland killed three men on the 31st uit. and woundcd twelvo in revengo for the death of his brother, whowas killed Christmas Dav. Two PASSENGER trains on tho PanHandle road collidcd near Kokomo, Ind., on the 31st uit., and throo train men wero fatally injured and iour others were scriously lmrt. Tin: total losscs by fire in the United States during 1SS9 was S143,002,G70. against S100,0l0,000 in 1888. Fouit boys between the ages of six and eight years werc buried by a falling Rand bank on the 31st uit. at Jackson, Tenn., and all were dead when taken out. East and West Dallas, Tcx., were merged into one city on tho Sist uit by an act of tho Legislature, with a population of over 00,000. Tui: Liberty silk works in Nev York were burned on the lst, causing a loss of 8225,000. C. E. IiIBBT's livery slablo at Portland, Me., was burned on the lst, and twenty horses were ciomated. A storm at St. Louis on the 2d blew down an clectric light wire. A dog and a horso that touched it were instantly killed, and thrt?o or four persons who camo sligbtly in contact with it were knocked insensible. An ordinance was passod on the 2d at Frankfort, Ky., prohibiting the sale of cigarettos withln the Corporation limits. Tuk people of Misslonary Ridge, Tenn., were on the 3d enjoylng f resh ripo strawbcrrii's grown in tht-ft' gardens and ripened during the late spell of warm weather. In Kansas during 1SS9 tho sugar manufactured from sorghum aggregated 1,293,275 pounds, against 0ÜS.274 pounds in 1888. At Philadelpliia on the 2d somo unknown psrson out tlie throats of Sarah Kelly and Ann Kelly, ajjed rospoctively eighty-one and seven' y-nino years, who lived alono in a little frame house. Robbery was tho motive. A pise on the 2d in tho shops of the Edison Electrio [llutuinating Company at New York eaused a loss of S100.000. Nkaii Chillicothe, Ma, AVilliam Hnffhesand John Runkle woro killed on the 2d by the explosión of a boiler. Henky [Ioi.mbs, a nrg-i-o desperado Who sho1 ' lier parish, Louisiana. was lynohed on the 2d,


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