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Fi. mms covoring an área of tb ree hundred milos were roported on the 4th in Queensland. A portion of Normanton was Bubmerged, the water in somo places being twenty feet deep. Tuk total aniount of money in circulation in this country on the 4th was said to be 81,430,549,93. OXK Of tllO. crmatoat. R,P'w lilnQaoo over KnowB on the sierra ísevada mountains was r;ii3od on the 4th by tho railroad company's forces. At Louisviile, Ky. , on tho 4th Gerard Grogory, his wifo and four children wero poisoned by arsenic in their coffee. At Springfleld, Mo., on the 4th Miko Hayes shot and fatally founded two negroos named Robbins and Anderson in a Street fight. At Center Ha verhul, N. II., Stephen Le Plant, a Frer.chman eighty years old, while drunk on the 4th fatally beat two of his son's children. Kkpouts of the 5th from all parts of the United States showed that the "grip" had made its appoaranco and that its victima woro many. Enoi.ish capitalists liavo invested $205,000,000 in various American industries in the past eighteen months. Rev. Ebenezbb Dodos, n. d. ll.d., president of Madison University, died at Hamilton, N. Y., on the 5th, of peritonitis, agcd sixty years. The loss of the schooner Joseph Southern, of Thomastown, Mo., with a crew of eight men, was reported on tho Bth. May & VArcirN', wholesalo grocers of New Orlcans, failed on the 4th for $155,000. Louis M. Feanken, livinsr at lamsburg, N. Y., killed hls wife and child on the 4th and thcn took hls own life. On the 5th Jüdge J. C. Knickerbocker, of Chicago, dled from a stroke of paralysis, aged fifty-throe years. FoiTii loggers were burned to doath on tho 4th at Beebe'8 camp, on the Tennes8ee river, seventy-five miles from Paducah, Ky. Six Gevman families of Waltham, Mowcr County, Minn., numboring betweon twenty-five and thirty persons, were down wlth trichiniasis on the 5th. Tuk gr 'jlcr portion of the villago of Wardner, Wab., was destroyed by firo on the 4th. The cxcVianijos at the leiding clearing houses in tho United States during the week endod 0:1 tlio 4th aggregatod 81,210,220.7:! I, BJfalnst 8047,888,249 the previous woek. Ars com pared with the correspoiulin? woolf of 1SS8 the in crease amounted to 9.9.


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