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Scotch Proverbs

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Do not touch liim oti the sair lieel. Dool un' ill life soon mak un ouUl wife. Doublé drinks iré aye gude for drowth. Do weel an' doubt nae man, do ill an' ionbt a' men. Do weel an' híie weel. Dows an' domimes leave aye a foul liouse. I).) your turn weel, an' nane will speer ivhnt time }'e took. Draff he suught, but drink was his errand. Dree out the inch when ye have tholed the sp:in. Drink an' drowlh enne nae ave the ïither. Drink little that ye muy drink lang. Drive d coff to the ha', anti she'li run to ihe nyre. E-irly birds citch tlie wornis. Eurly master, soon knave. Kast or west, líame is best. Eisy learncd, soon forgotten. K isy learniug the cat the road to the kim. Easy to that thj' ain lie.irt wills. fjisily worklng when wlll'd at üanu. E-it in measure, and defy ihi doctor. Eat peas wi' a prlnce, :m' cherries wi' a chapman. Eat-weel's Drlnk-weel's briiher. Eatiiif; au' cleaning only lecjuire a beglnniu(. Eatii:g an' drlnkinj; puts awa the etomacli. Eli and teil is ude morchandise. Envr is tlie rack of the Boni and torture of the body. Euvy ne'er does :i giule turn hut when it ineani an ill one. Even asyou won itsae nny yon wear't. Ever buy ever bear. Kvery ane loupa tlie dyke where it's hiighcst. Every ane to his trede, quotb the browster to the bishop. Every bird thinks is ain nest best. Every cock cruwa cromi'st on his ain midden head. Every dtiy's no Tule-day - rast the ent a C.'IStOCli. Every fault has its fore. Every Huw luis ts bb. Every ncti of joy hns au eli f annov. Every man bow.s to the bu?h Iik íetí bleld trac Every man buckles his belt at his ain gate. Every man cm guille an iil wife weel hut liini l.liiit has ane. Every man can lout best en liis ain hom. Every man lias his ain drafl' poclf. Every nian's tale's gmio till anilber's be tuutd. Every May-be liath R May not-be. Every miller Wid weise the water to hls alo mili. Every pliy mum be played, an' some ma ii n be the player. Fair words break nae banes, foul words mony. Fancy floes before the wind. Far-awa fowU hae fnir feathers. Fartlier east the shorter west. Fause folk should hae mony witni Fausehood makes ne'er a fair hinderend. Favour miusecl is favour abused. Fill fu' an' liaud fu', tliat makes i man btark. Fines an' a gri ing wife are waukrife bed-fe-llowp. I'lm n'er so fast, your fortune will be at ynur tnll. Fling-at-the goid was ne'er a gnde ox.


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