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The Hospitable Man

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He liatli a gate, a door, a hand, a heart; All weartng look of welcome to tbe worldj A 11 open to recelve thee, happy guest I The gate swings lnward wltli a loóse sliplatoh; The wlde-leaved door invites thee to approach; Hls large-palmed hand doth glve at once defensa And draw thee to his broad, joy-heavlng braest : The color raantling to his sralllng faoe - Fleet-footed hernld frora his love-füll heart- Proclalras thy coming as a yearned-for boon. And yet, wouldst thou depart ? Thou'lt flnd the gate Wearing a look forbiddlng toward the road, Without hls door are storms, chlll-blowlng wlnds. And specters of some posslble mlshap, Unwilltng dow thut free and open hand To tone thlne owa aud help thee say farewell! E'l'ii ií thou yet caust fly theae friendly bomls His faitnful heart wlll surcly hold theo fast, Or ir thou goest or abldest, stlli Thou knoH'csl it Ís thlue. thrself its own.


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