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Manchester claims to liave good roads. Dance at the town hall, Limn, Friday evening. The Stockbrldire Driving Association has a capital of $2,000. Gov. Luce is to talk to the people of Dundee Friday evening. Tlie Enterprise would like to have a Farmer's Institute at Mmchester. Good butter makers are holding their product for au advauce in prices. A ladles' library at Northville will be establMied soon wlth 300 volumes to start wlth. The Milan Cornet linnd give their second party at the rink Tliursday eveniug, Feb. 6th. E. T. Walker, of Sulem, lias sold to Dr. SpauMinr, of Detroit, a line carriage horse for $200. No less thiin 150 hor.-eshoes werc set last Saturday In our four blacksmith shops - Milan Leader. The 3rd animal meeting of the Livingston Co. Sunday Su'nool Association at I'.vlgliton Fob. -(j and 27. The children of Salem expect to give a grand entertainment soon, under the leadership of Miss Carrle Ilose. Andrew Morton, of Chelsea, bas received an appointment as raihvay postal clerk, on tlie T., A. A. & N. M. K. It. A writer complains of the mud the children have to wallow through to the school building at Salem. Mrs. Fidel t a LYatt, an old resident of Sylvan, died Jan. 32d, aged about 80J ycars. She luid no relativos but many kiiul frlend8. A spontaneous combustión caused a small lire at H. S. Ilolme's store In Chelsea, whicli fortúnate discovery prcvented from being a serious conil igration, George Hlggins, clerk in J. Costello & Co's. store, Dexter, is very sick wlth pneumonía. Dr. Vaughan, of Ann Arbor, was called in consultation on bis case Mondny. Mr. C. II. H. Wheeler, formerly of this city bad the honor of conducting the Nellie Bly special train over part of lts celebrated record-breaklnjr trip from San Francisco to Xew York. - Ypsilanti Commercial. California, In spiteof her glorious climate has been having a fearful time with snow storms and blizzards along back. Californian8 wlio want to strike a real good climnte sliould come to Michigan. - Brighton Citizen. Boneset tea is said to be a much bet ter medicine tor the grippe than quinine. Make a strong tea from tliree herbs - pepperment, boneset atid smartweed - and you can easily break up a fever íf used in time. - Ex. J$. V. Amsilen lias a watch in h:s hands tor repairs, that was made In Ireland by a cousin of George Payne's fatlier. ít is of singular construction but is evideiuly a good time piece when in good order. - Manchester Enterprise. Dundee poultry men fared well at the Detroit cxliibition, held during the past week. E. E. Mug and Wm. A. Rea, each captured premiums ton all their exhibits, mostly first premiums. "Dundee against the world ! " - Reporter. Now that the grent fight is on between the two rival citles.NewYork and Chicago, for the place to hold the World's fair, we would suggest tliat in our hutuble opinión the proper place to hold the fair is around the waist. - So. J.yon Pieket. You naughty man, how dare you ? Thcre were two deaths of prominent citi.ens at Dexter last week, both from pneumonia caused by the la grippe. John Gretsinger, ajjed 35, died on Friday last, and Caleb Andrews, nged about 50 3'ears, died on Saturday. Both were hihly respected citi.en?, am) both strong healthy men until xtfacked by the grippe. The folly of signing every petition that is presented one is shown fit the case of the fellow Trevan, wboae as uilf upon a young woman is related elsewhere. He has been known as one of the roujrh element, yet a petition lor h)3 appointment as a special oflicer was quite numerously slgned. It wiis prescnted to the Council at tts last week's meeting. - Sentinel. Whlle John O"Connert, of Salem, was returning from Ann Arbor last Saturday evening, the tongue of the wagon dropped down tipping bun over and fastening liim under the box. He remained in this position from ten o'clock until six the next morniüg when he was discovered and released. Upon examination he found his ribs fracturad and some internal injuries. - Northville Record. Our farmer fiiends are Hable to be caused trouble by a recent decisión of the eoiirts In regard to infringements on the Reed harrows. These harrows have been manufacture d and sold by Bement & Son, of Jansing. In a nuoiber of cases already, Heed & Co , have forced agents who have sold the Bement barro w to pay them a royalty of $5 for each one sold, and have notifieil their agents that they will proceed to collect a royalty from all users of the harrow. - Ovvosso Times. Business Is picking up. The roads have improved and the farmer who bas of necessity occupied the sitting room couch nearly all winter, bas begun to stir himseu uua io ._o„„„ r) i,.,,,);,, i,io produce, wood, etc, to market, tbereby gotting hold of the lensthy green and shlning silver dollar that settles old scores and buys the store clothes and provender. Bargains is what they are after and they kuow that the flrms that advertise are the ones who can give them. Business men, let yourlightshine, there's money in it.- 3o. Li'on Pieket. The late Micbael Kappler, of Sharon Hullow, liad a safe in which to keep bis money and private papers. After liis dcatli au attenipt was made to open it but without avail. Mr. Kappler, it is said, made his will last spring and Mr. Kempf Urew it. All sorts of rumors are rife regarding the contents of the will as of the safe, some clainiing that there is a large atnoutit of money in the latter. But on Saturday the safe was sealed by Fred Vogel and will probably reinnin so until the will has been read and the executor has given bonds. - Manchester Enterprise. The work on the stand tower of the new water works at Ypsilanti is completed and the water let into the tank. Some of the citizens thought there was not enouh to cover the State Normal school with water in case of lire in the upper story, and a test was therefore made Monday afternoon and the result sliowed that the buildings could be liandled in excellent shape. The Normal buildings are the highest in tlie city, so there is no doubt that the town has excellent flre protection. The cost of the works was about $125,000. Thecapacity of the tank is about 250,000 gallons. Parents, do your children go to school ? That is, do they go every school day? not two or three days in the week but every day? And If they do not go are you to blame or are they to blame for it? If it is they who are at fault for tlieir absence, Uien they should be compelled to attend, but f ïou are at fault, then you should be compelled to have them go. A child might as well not attend at all as to attend two or three days in the week, for by so doing he Is not only a hinderence to tho teacher but is wasting valuable time.he might far better be emjiloyed all the time away from school. There is no use of children nowadays growing up in ignorance of the common branches, at least, of an education. Sec to it that your children go to school and go every day. -


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