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A year ago J. 8. Hitchcock, of Milán, died, leaviug to liis aged wldow forty acres of grouml Iieavily encumbered by a mortgage, the Interest of which she lias been unable to pay. He liad been master of the Lodge of F. & A. M. and a former ícpresentative to the Grand Lode; so, at its spssion in Lansing lust Wedaes day, Regent A. M. Clark brielly staícd the cuse, the liat was passed and in ten mlnutM üie ainount of the mortgage was raised by the members present. Such promptness, ia comina; to the relief of the destitute and distressed, is a most striking example of what most frcquent)y Is done for practical charity in a quiet way by the Masonic Praternity, wliicli seldom is known to the world. lt was a beautiíul sijrlit to witness the eagerness of the brethren in contribulini; to a worthy object, for it speaks volumes for the noble work of a noble order. Tlie burnlng of the house of Secretary Tracy and the fatality which accompanied it is sorrowful Indeed. ïhe Ure having burned the stairf, Mrs. Tracy leaped from a window and was killed, a daughter was smothered by the llames, and anothcr duughter seriouily injured by jumping from a window, whilc Secretary Tracy himself was taken out in an uncouscious coDdition and was witli ditllciilty recusitatcd. A serving inaid was found In her room charred bcyond recoguilion. This together witli the recent death of two of Secretary Blaine's children, makes the air of Washington very sad just now.


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