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[This column lias been Riven to tho stnilints of the Jlifjti Scliool, and tliey wlll edlt and conduct lt.J The juniors are to have n social Fridny eyeningat Lolg Tlcknor'u resldence, 20 S Ingalls st. A senior social is announced for noxt Friday evening1, at the home of Miss Wagner, corner Malu and Packanl sts. The commercial class lias Innig a finely-framed picture, bromlde enlargement, of their former teacher, Prof. B. E. Nicliols, in the commercial room. The senior8 are looking anxiously about for material for the Omega, and they WÍU spare no eflbrts In making it the best tliat li is ever been Issueil. Resolved, that the U. S. should acknowledge the Brazillati Eepublic, wlll be debated by Lyceum No. 1, this week. (A littb late, for it has already been done.) Bcsides learning their lessons pcrfcctly last week several boys were extensively engaged In stacking rooms. Vengeance sticketh out of the eycs of severnl of the boys. Beware! Prof. Pattengill was absent yeeterday on account of Ii Is mother's sickness. As he will probably be away for some time, Mr. B. P. Bourland, a ssnior lit. wlll temporarily flll bis place. Aitist Gibson operated his camera upon the High School Rugby team last. week. The plate didn't shrivel, as might be expected, and, oh my ! what a flne picture they will have. Ilowevcr, we have a good rugby team and some of the girls even thtuk the boys are good looking. They ought to know. The boys thlnk somewhat of havlng one of the pictures hung up In tlie High School building. Tlie Arena had an exteraporaneous debate last Frlday night. The tariflf question was taken up and discussed. Tlie debate waxed warmer and warmer uniil it becaine a mere question of whether the democratie party was better than the republican or vice versa. The meeting broke up without this momentuos question being settled. At the next meeting there will be a general debite upon the question. Resolved, that tlie president of the U. 8. should be elected by the direct vote of the people. Folitieal qneations appear to be in the ascendency. Speaker Reed isdeserving of the thanks of the country for the admirable eoolness and bravery with which he has stood by the country In a determinaron to so change the rules governing Congress that lejiislation cannot be Inpeded by a handful of obstiuctionists. Tlie party in power has the right to control legislation, and should be allovved to do so. When republicana are la power they should be held responsible for the legislatioa of congress; when the demócrata are in power they should likewise be lield responsible. And then let the two parties sro to the people upon tbeir records. As it bas been In the past obstruction of business has resnltod to the detriment of the wliole country. The action of the republican majority in congress is not revolutlonary as the bulldozers claim, but simplya recognition of the right of the majority to rule. When the majority cannot rule our republic will become a fiülure.


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