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Burglars Entered President

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son's house at Iiuluinapoli.s on the 29th and sooured about $1,000 worth of property belonging to the President. The treasuror of the Cherokoo nation said in St. Louis on tho 29th that he would solí the strip to the Government for 836,200,000. A saii.-hoat crossed tho straits on the SOth uit from Cheboygan, Mioh., to Bois Blanc. A winter had never boen known before when tho straits wcre so freo of ice. The trains which had boen snowbound for sevonteen days in the Sierras began moving on the KOth uit., resulting1 ín popular demonstrations at lleno and other places. At Covington, Neb., a flro on tho SOth uit. destroyed most of tho business part of the town. Boston officials decided on the 30th uit. not to grant any more licensos for sparring exhibitions. The stoamer Bothnia, with Miss Bisland, tho compotitor of Nellie Bly in tho race around the world, reached New York on the .SOth uit. Tuk Lenox Ilill and tho Sixtli National banks of New York suspended payment on tho 30th uit. owing to tho operations of President Claassen of the latter concern, who triod to dispose of 8000,000 worth of bonds belonging tothe bank. The Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Company on the 30th uit paid William De Lorenzo, of Chicago, the uncle of little Grace Payne, 87,500 for the loss of her motherand step-fathor in the recent Rose Hill railroad accident. Tiirkk wholesale business houses and eigh t saloons were destroyed by an incendiary firo at Stanton, Neb., on the 30th uit. Eight prominent farmers of Healsbury, Ind. T., wore arrested on tho 30tb uit. and taken to Oainesville, Tex., charged with being members of a mob which lynched an old man last November. Gf.ohgk Tobeb was hanged on tho 30th uit at Fort tjmith, Ark., for the murder last September of Irwin Richardson. Iloth men were colored. At Seymour, La., a Texas Pacific train was derailed on the 30th uit, and the conductor and onzineer were both instantly killed and the flrcman andone brakeman were fatally injured. The Attorney-CJeneral of Kansas stated ontheSOth uit. thatit was a criminal oftense to advertiso lotterios or offer tickets for sale in that State. Thk house of Kev. Father Fleckingei at Chartiersborough, l'a., was blown up by dynaraite on the 30th uit., but no ono was injured. Anarchiste were charged with the crime. At Sioux City, Ia., on the 30th uit Hans Leander shot and killed Annie Carlson, who had refused his attentions, and then shot himself fatally. Ann Revine, agod 105 years, was in a Newark (N. J.) court on the 30th uit. to complain that she had been robbed ol 8300- her all. During a quarrel on the 30th uit. at Erie, Pa., bet ween italiana, four persona were fatally cut with stilettos. O'm the 31st uit. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Scully were arrestod at Oneida, N. Y., charged with the murder of William Ehienhart. the of Mrs. Scully. A PACKiNíi-iiorsi: at Kansas City, Mo., owned by Boston capitalists, was burned on the Sist uit. Loss, S-200,000. Theue wero 291 business failures in the Unitod States during the seven days ended on tho 31st uit., against 338 the previous sovon days. Tho total of failures in the United States January 1 to date is 1,628, against L.808 in 1889. Henry A. Schmidt, a merchant tailor of St. Ijouis, was on the 81st uit fineá $12,000 for violating the alien contract labor law. The Mississ'ppi Lojislature on the 31st uit. decidua u momoriulize Congress asking for the repeal oí the Fifteenth ConstitutionU Amendment PetibJ. Ci.aasskn, wl.o as the alleged president of the Sixth National Bank of New York was aocused of wreckIng that institution, wa arrested on the 31st uit A cavk-in occurred on tho 31st uit at Plains, I'a. , thrue liuuses ana a auuUc block being wrecked, causing eonsternation among the poople. EMGLIsn buyer3 woro on the 31st uit making an olTort to purchaso the sash and door factories of this country, and several milis throughout Missouri and Kansas had been nogotiated for. The Mississippi Legislature on tho 31st uit passed a bilí doing away with the convict lease systora. The Capítol wagon works at Lansing, Mich,, assigned to ITrank E. Robson on the Sist uit. Nominal assets, 5130,000; liabilities, 884,000. A PKELiMi.NAitY report was mado on the Sist uit. by the committee auditing the accounts of Dr. O'Reilly, of thelrish National League, at Detroit It showed feceipts since the Chicago convention oí 1880, to January 1 last, of S257.922; remitted to Ireland, S"i:7,248; exponsos, {22,225; balance, January 1, $20,335.


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