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SALE OF STATE TAX LANDS Auditor Oknekais Office, i Lansino, Micli., Jan. 27, 1890. ( NOTIUE Ís hereby glven tlmt certaln lands sltualed in the County of Washtenaw, bid off to the State for taxes of 18-SíJ and prevlous years, and descrlbed In statements whlch wlll hereafter be forwarded to the oflce of tíie Treasurerof said ('ounty, wlll be sold at publlc auctlontby sald Treasurer, at the County Seat, on the nrst Monda? of May next, al the time and place deslgnated for the Armuiil Tax Sales, f not previously redeemed or canceled accordlug to law. Sald statements contaln a full descriptlon of each parcel of sald lands, atid may be seen on appllcatlon at the olflce of the County Trtasurer after they are recelved by hlm. The lands struck off to the State for Taxes of 18N8, or other years, at (he Tax Salea Ín Octoberlast. vlil beoflered subject tolheright of redemptlon prescribed by law. HE.NKY APLIN, Auditor General. ANNU AL TAX SAI.ES. STATE OF MICHIGAN. 'lo the Circuit Courí for Ihe County oí Wasldtnaw, in Chancery; The petitlon of Henry H. Apila, AuditorGeneral of s:ild State of lchlgan, respect fully shows tlmt Ihe llsls of lmids berelnafter set fortli and niarked "Sobedule A," contalu a descrlption of all lands In s;iul county or Washtunaw, upon whlch laxes were assessed for Ihe years nieutlomd Ihereln, aiul which wcre returned as deltnquent for non-paymeul of tuxes, aud whlch tases have not been paid ; togetbor wilti the total arnount of such taxi-s, wth Interest corapuled ihereou to the time flxed for sale, and collecllon fee as provliled by law, and tbi oí advertlsln and other expenses ot Bal6 t! each ofsald pareéis ol land. Your petilloncr further shows to the ('oiirt thftl suld lands were returned t the Auditor Ueoeral as delinquent for the non-paymeiit of Kild taxes for sald years respectively. and thatsald delinquent returns weru made prior to the nrst day of July, 1S88. Your petltloner further shows and avers that the taxes, Interest, COllOCtíon IVe, cosls of advertlsing and other expenses of Sale, umi the legal fees for personal service of snlpojna in (uil oase wnere sueh personal service Is actually made, ure a valid Hen on the severa! pareéis oí laúd described lu sald schedule. Your petltloner further shows that the sald taxes ou Ihe saíd desoribed Intuís have remained unpaid for more than one year from the flrst day of July next after thelr relurn to the Auditor General, and the sald taxes not having been pald, and t!i same helng now due and remalnlng un pald a ábove snt lortb, your pelitioner prays a decree la favor Of the Slate of Michigan aalust each pincel of Bald of sald lands, for the paymeat of the severa! amounts of laxes, Interest, collectlon fee, cost of advertlslng, aud other expenses of sale, as computed and extended Ín said schedule, against the several pareéis of l;ml contained thereln, and in addlllon thereto of the amount of leal fees for personal service of sut'poena in each case where such service is actually made as provided in Mee. 53 of Act. No. 195 of the sesslon laws of Mirhlgan of llie year 1839; and in de faal I of paymentof the sald several sunis cotííputod and extended sgalnsi BAld lands, that eaób "( sald parcel of land may te Bold lor t lie amounts due thereou as provided by law, to pay the lien asaloresald. And your petilloner will ever pray etc. HENRY II. Al'U.N, Auditor (Jeneral. SCHEDULE A. Town S soitth oj rangr .; eaxt. L f L I 4 0 Z L 8 ï _ fi - L3 S -i SS ' - S w U of s w i 5 4U 3 69 97 13 1 00 5 81 Town 3 soulh of range h sast NKU0ÍI8 160 356 93 U 1 00 " Si W '4 ol 18 3A) 7 ia lii 28 1 00 10 26 7"i'n J (011A o rnje 6 a. Sei of s w fl J4, 6 50 3 'M 86 13 1 00 5 31 Undivlded 1-9 ofs 21 40 52 U 2 1 10 1 7 Town U soulh 0 ' rarnje 7 east. E K of n e X, 25 80 20 32 5 2S 81 1 OU 27 -11 W % of s e Ji, 25 1-0 20 32 5 Si SI 1 00 27 41 Beglnning 32 rols w of n e cor. of w J;of ne Ji.thecce s 100 rods, tlienee W48 rods, tlienee ji 100 rods. Ihence e 48 rods to place ol beginning, 28 30 2 88 75 12 1 00 i 7 SeJíofswK, 3i 40 6 Si 1 79 27 1 00 9 91 NwlíofnwJí, JU 8U 21 05 5 17 84 1 00 28 50 CITY OF AXN ARBOR. Bik Lots8,9andlO, 4 11 r 4 e, 5 03 147 23 1 00 8 33 E Uof lotl, 1 nr5e, 56 15 02 1 00 1 73 Lot 3, 5 n r 14 e 2i M 09 1 00 3 SU Lot band 7, 5n rl4e. 50 1" fö 110 1 7Í Lots 1,2, 3, 4. 5 and 2á links (itl'11 s of lot 0, bik 4 s r S e except rlght of way of tbe T, A AtHMSB, 4sr2e, 7 11 1 94 30 1 00 10 68 Lot 5, bik 5 s r 6 e, ezcept 4 rods anti It oll'n end and 2 rods off w end of lot 8, 5 s r 6 e, 29 00 7 65 1 16 1 00 38 71 Lots 3, 4, 5, 4 s r 7 e, 30 16 7 85 1 21 1 00 40 22 Lots J, II and V, in 4 K-r 4 w 6 00 1 50 21 1 00 8 80 The undlvkted 'í part of 27 ft oi land ou w sldeof Main st, fti ft deep, bounded s by Schlpucasse, w by Wall and Kitson's land, e by Main st, 1 (i'J 45 07 l 0J 3 21 Land bounded e by Wlldt's land, s by Chubb road, w toapolut, u by Hamliiist, 1 (ifl 45 07 100 3 21 Lot boundtid e by State st, n by Coverts, w by Swatbel's add, s toapoint, 3 31 87 13 100 5 34 Lot bounded e by lOHzubeth st, u ly Fullersi, w by 8i) Alley, 8 by Willis' land, 0 CC 1 74 27 1 0) 9 G7 Land bounded n by lloteliklii's land, e by wuy, s una w üy ]. ■iinis, 7 10 1 Sí 23 1 00 10 22 BACII AND BKOWX'S ADDITION. Lot 80 and 8 14 of lot 29, 2 32 60 09 1 00 4 01 J. H. BBOWN'8 ADDITIOX. Lot 12, 4 B4 1 20 19 1 00 7 03 BBOTTN AND FULI.KH'S ADDITIOK. Bik N w 24 % ft in wldtli offse40 ft In leoglh of the n f wilt . 1 ii widih off lot 1, 8 2 81 73 11 1 CO 4 08 Land bcginDing22 ft s w aloog Broadway, from 8 e cor, lot 1. hik 7, thenee s w 2-' ft along Broadway to store No 8, thence n w 60 ft, tli. nee n e parallel with Mway 22 ft, 8 e i; ) ft to place of buglnnlög, 1 J2 37 08 1 00 2 85 OltMSBY AND I'AGE ADDITION. Bik Lotfi 1 aud (J. 2 3 83 87 13 1 0) 5 Xi hola 6 and 6, bik 19 also triangular lU-oe of land e of bik i), lylng betweeu tlie MOK K and SnrOD Klver except the dísllllery lot, 19 3 33 87 13 1 00 5 &3 PATBIDOI AnniTION. Blk Lot ÍS, 4 2 SI 78 11 1 ni I 88 Lot 9, 71 13 03 1 00 1 92 city ok YPsrLAKxr. Parcel of land boinulctl n by laúd of A Bennett, s by Chicago Road, w by laudof CThomp6OD, e by Summltst, 5 31 1 38 21 1 00 7 93 I'arcel of land nou n ded n by laud of Sarah Korlson, s by (Jhlcago Rood, e bylandofACole, w by land of F 15 Kloek, l 1 88 21 1 00 7 93 Parcel of land bd w by land of Haydeo, n by llurun Hl ver, s by an alley, e by lundortiaydcii. 81 23 M 1 OU 2 0 Parcel of land bd n by land of aln. Morris, w ty land oi L.n.Norris, - by land of Mis. Wavliun, e by Rl verst, 10-3 01 26 58 1 08 1 00 183 69 ORIGINAL IT.AT. Lol 56, 1 79 46 07 1 00 8 89 FOIXBTT, JO8LTN ANn BKINJIEB'8 ADDITION. 15 5) 4 03 62 1 00 21 15 II.IiI.Kl-. r.ASTERN AHDITIOX. Lot 1, 7 59 1 98 30 1 00 10 87 H. W. I.AliF.I.KK'S ADDITION. Tt 3, 15 42 4 01 62 1 00 21 05 Lot 88, 2 78 7i 11 1 00 4 61 MOKSF. ADDITION-. Lot 40, 1 79 46 07 1 00 3 32 VILLAQE OF CHELSEA. Bik Lot 6, 11 8 65 1 73 27 1 00 9 ft) t. M. CONODOK'S 2d ADDITION". Lot 2, 4, 2 37 C2 09 1 00 4 08 VILLA.dE OF DEXTEH. Lot 8, 88 46 12 02 1 00 1 60 VILLAGE OF MANCHESTER. i OBEY'B ADDITION. Bik Lot 3, 2 6 20 1 61 25 1 00 9 06 VILLAGE OF MOORVILLE. Lotö, blk3n r Ie 37 09 01 1 00 147 VILLAQE OF SALINE. - Town , sovjh of range 5 ea-tt. Sec LaDd bounded n by Harrls, e by town line, a by Comba, w by st. i i 2ï i; ::s i (; m i 00 9 :w ISKNNKTT'ti PLAT. T3s of r5e Sec W Vá oí lol 18, ; 15 43 12 02 1 00 1 57 AuniTOR Genkkais Office, i Lansino, Mlcb,, Jannary 27, 1S90Í Notlce Is iiereby elven that the State of Mloblgaa has flletl in Ilie Circuit Courl for the Ooanty of V;islnenaw, In ehancery, a peillion of which the foregolng Isa trueoopy ; tliat it clMlrns a decrce againsl each parcel of lanu thereln ddBCHbed for the. amounta specltled respeollvely . aod In addition therelo of ihe amount of legal tees for personal ser vlceof suhiuim in eaob case where such service is actual ly made as provided iu.Sectlou 58 or Act No. 195 Laws i)t 188: that such peiltion will be brought on for a hearing aud decree at the next term of said Courl lo be held on the fint Monilay of Murvli 1S90, at Aun Arbor. In sald county of WashLenaw, that all persous In leren ted in such lands and dcsiring to couU'st the Hen olalmed thereon for such laxes, or any part thereof. f hall appear In sald cnurl mul lüe witli the L'lerk ihereof tbelr objeoilou tberetoun or beforesalc] flrst Mondiy ol .Varch ls'.w, and that in default Lbereof adecree wlll be taken as prayed for in sald Notlce Is also hereby given that on the first Mondayof May, 1890, the lands deecrlbed In said petllion, and lor which an order of sale shall be made, will be sold for the taxes. Interest, mul ebarges thereon.asdetermlned by said decree, at the County Treasurer's office, In the City of Aiin Arbor,in sa:d County of Wasblenaw. IIENUY H. Al'LIN, Auditor General. Mort gage Sale. WiiKrosASdefanlt hls heer made in the condi" tiona of & certain in jr'ijige whereby the power o' Bale ihereln contiitn'd btra become peratlvc, cxe cutid by Gearga K. Biercu and Ncttiu lüerce. hls wilV, ot the towiifhip of Sylvan, Washtenaw ciimty. Midi., mortggors to Tbuin is Wilkiuson of the samo place, martffttgee beariü' ria'e December let, A. D. 18S1, ackuowleded Decembor 3d, A. D. 1883. and rrcorded In ihe oftlce of the Register of Deede tor Wnshten-.w connty, Michigan, on the 4th ay oí December, A. D. 1S83, In Lil)er 62 of Mortgaees, mi page (ill ; whlcti mortgage was duly aseineü by said Thonvis Wilkinson to Jnniue L. Beal on he 31 day of Djcember, A. D. 1883, which vglgnmeot waa recorder! on December 4th, A. D. 1883, in the Register of Deeds office for the county of WiisVenaw, State ol Michlgao, in Llber 8 of Assifjnmenta of Moitgsgea, on page 1M. On which morigaiie there is claimed to be due at the date of this notice tlie tura of ($1.50) luirty-five hundred and il ft y dollurs, aud no actions or proceedlues at lawor in rqnity have been instituted to recover the debt secured by said mortgageor any part thereof. Nollce is hireby given that by vlrtne of the power of ealc contaitied in said mortgage and of the Btatut'! in incb cuses made and provlded, the puilt murtira'e will be forecloeed by sale oï the. mortgiged premises therein descrlbed, which sale wil! ue made at tbe west door of the court house, In the c.iry of All Arbor, iu the county of Waehtenaw. Stdle of Michigan, tliat belug the place ol holding the circuit conrt for eaid county, at public auction, hj the sheriff ol said county, on Satnrday the l'Jth day or April, A. D, 189), at 10 o'clock in the lorettooD of said üny, to stiafy tbe araount which shall ihen be due on sald mortgage. 'Jhe premises decribed in said mortgage to be eold ás bove specfláil are : The weet hall of the northwest qnaiter of section 11, also the south sixty acres of the cast half of the northeast qaarter of Becttou l.", being all that purt of snid lot that lies south of AIill i'rcek Ditch, ruuning through the same, siso a strip of land Iwo rods wide nlong the easl Blde ol the west halt of the souihwest quarter of seeïion 14, from the territotinl roai nortii of the norlh line ot said lot, all in the township of Sylv:in. county of Washtcnaw, State o( Michigan. Aks Auiioh, Midi., Jan. 21, 1890. H MUS K. BEAL, Aesignce. Sawtrk & KnowlTon, Attorneys. Mortgage Sale. DEFAIHT HAVINO BEEN MADE IN TJ1K eonditlons of a ctïr'uin mortgage exeented by Levt Johnson and Mary Ann Johnsnn his wife, to Chase Dow, dited the twenty-third day of February A D. 1884 and recordert in the fflee of tbe Kegister of Deeds for the Connty of Washtenaw State ol Mtchlñn on tbe twenty-third day of Febrnary A. I). 1884 in l.ilier ti' of m irlgagea on page t2, which said mortgi'ge was duly :t-sÍLfned liy deed of asafgnmeot by the said Cb.ase Dow mortgngee to Kichard J. Zebbs on the. eiaht day ol leci intier A. D. 1888 which sald ai-sl.M ment of said mortgage is recordé i in the office ol the Register of Deeds for said County in Liber 10 of asaigtiments of mortgages on pr'ge 100, by wlrch said default the power of sale coniaiiie i in sald mortgage han become opera;ive and no proccdings in law or eqtiity having been instituted to recover the debt secured by said murtg ige or any part thereof; and the som of one hundied and ecventy dollars bcing now claimed lo be due on raota m vtgage, Notice is hertby givcn that the eaid mortgjge will be forclosed by a sale of the m irtg&ged prfrmlflee therein descrlbed or part thcre.if vüs : Lot number twenty-eigltt and the north half of lot nnmber twenty-nine in Browa and Bach's Addition to the City of Ann Arlior Washtenaw c'ounty Michigan according to the recorded plat of said addition at public venduo at the east door ofthe Court House in the city of Ann Arbor In eaid County (that belng the place of hoidlrg the Circuit Cnurt lor said Connty) on the twenty-fourth day of April A. D. 1890 at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day. Dated January Lrd, 1S90. R1CHAUD J. ZBBBS. Ass;guee of Morlgagce. J. F. LaWKEn'CE, Atty. for Aesiyaee. Mortgagc Sale. DKFAULT HA VING BEEN MADE IN THE conditions of a mortiíau executed by Kverrd 11. Morgan and Alice M. Morman, bis wlfe, to Juniti K. Beal Field, bearing date the 3rd day of Muy A. 1). ISSi, and recorded in the ofllce of the liegister of Deeds for Washteunw Couuty, Michigan om iheSd dtiy of May A. D. 18 l at 'J o'clock p. m. of that day, in Libur Öl of inortjiagcs on page 31Ü, by whlcfa defiult, the power of pale contalned In eaid mortgsge becume operatlve, and no euit or procuuuings In law or cquity having been jnstituted to recover the üebt eecured by said mortgnge, or any part thereof, and the sum oí' 91SU.71 at the date of tbla uotice being dainn-d to be due on eaid mortgage, and ihat at the date of sald mortagd the f uil name of tin1 sald mortffflffee, was Juuius B, Beul Kield; that after Httid Bliirtgftfé was made and exccated, said mortgagee applied to th; Probate Coart, for tmid Couniy of Waahtet.avv, in writing, in pnrcmacce of the uitute in nch case mude nnd provided, atid on the 2-ih day of July A. 1. lttSí, he obtained an order of sald Probate ionrt chanifing hia name Ironi Jiniius B. lVal Field to Junius K. lieal, as in and by the records of' said Probate Courtin that matter, relereuce beinü thereto had wlll more l'QJly and at large appear. Now therefore notice ia hereby given, that said mortgaff wtll be foreclosed by a sale of the mortrned premlflM therein descrlbed, orsome part thereof, and that thepremisea nrt1 deecrlbed in said m xtgiftQ as follows, bowlt, all that certiiin piece or parcel of land ltuated and belng i'i thoTowDHhip of Pittffield, in the County ofWahtenaw, and Htate of Michigan, described A8 follows, towii: Beiuning at a pomt in the west eide of stxtiou nnmber lour (4) in said Townshlp ninteen (líí) chaina and seveuty-uiue (79; links from the DOrthWflSt corner of said seciiou linr, thcuce north eighty-seveu (-jdegreeaaiid flfty (50) nimuit'3 t.iHL uiri-e j; L-ii.-iin una luirty-öix !" links toa stake one cualn and tweuiy-seven (27) linke íroiu a cherry tree tt;n Jnchoö ta diameter, which bears sunth eighty-st-ven t7, di-fjrees west, thi'nceeouihtvo(2) deürutvetit tUty-löur (54) liuks, theuce wuith eiíhty-utiie (SSí) degreey uudteu(lO) minute easteis {6) chaiu and eighty-iluht (88) luiks t a stuke tairty ix and a haif (86J) links rroin au applü tree fífitícn lncbes iu aiamcter, wbicfa licars eouth twenty-eigUt (28) degreu west, llience ttoiiih sixiy-elRht (W) degieo eut one Chain and dhiy-süvun (87) links, thence south elglity-fuur (S4) degreee east four chains and fllty-lour (&1) linka " to the iutersection of two dir th-, ttiuLcu situtli six (tí) degrees caat elcvi-n (II) chalud and twunly-two (22) links to the recoguized eust and west qnarter line thence west tn quartcr line aeventeeu (17) chains and twenty (20) huks to llie rccotrnized qnarter stnke, thence north on the sectlon line thirtuun (13) chains and Blty {W) liukt to tbc place ol' beginnini,', contaiuin twt'iity-one acres of land moni r le-y, at public vendue, on Thnndav tiie íirát day of May 181K), at DOon ir the ruirth Irout üoor of the Court House In the City of Ann Arhor, In eald Coumv, tliat beIng tliu jjlacii ot holding the Circuit Court in tuid Cuiinty. Dated Jao. 29h A. D. 189) JUaiUS E. BEAL, Mortgags", l'ormcrly Jimias E. Uual Field. A.J. Sawykr, Atty. for Mortgagee. AÍREE TO F.A.M. I!utlhl KograTlng of s 7apki kneient MkdIc Scu. ftlgo Urg filiuiratvtl CNtaU'gueor uil tbtt MMonki fowii rij buoka. Lowvit prlca In North Aiuat.i' Alio prnd nw l]ulrud work for Arent. ili „k .i.J n.l. KEDUIMJ CIA, 7J1 üigti.iwj, Nw Yurk


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