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State Republican League Contention

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The third annual convention of the Repnbllcan Leagues of the state of Michigan wlll be held In Philharmonlc hall, corner of Lsfayette avenue RUd Shelby street, in Detroit, on Friday, Fob. 21, 1S90, at DOOD. Matters of lmportAnce, inciuding the eleclion of offlcers for the ennulng year and the selectlon of delegates in the nnlional league convenllon, to be held In N'HKhvllle, Tenn., March. 4. will come before the conveutlon. i'.-.ifh Republlcan club In the state is entltled to three delegates, credentials of whimi, properly certlfled to by the president and serretary, should be forwarded as soon as practicable alter caucuses have teen held to the secretary of the state Leaguo at Charlotte, or in care of Michigan Club. Detroit, Mlch. J. E. BEAL, President. C. E. BAXTER, Secretary. If cvery man in the north, regardless oí party, would read tlio account of the Jackson election to be found on first page it would cause such a feeling of indignation to swcep over the country that snch elections would be impossible In the future. It was not "nigger rule1' that the brave Southern bulües were lighting nffainst, but a republican victory, for the republicana had oarrled the city for years previously and wlth McGill for mayor liad given the people of Jackson the best administration of affairs that the city had ever liad. It was not the negroes they wished to intimídate but the best citizens and heaviest taxpayers of thiit city who were almost without exception favorable to the republican ticket. The negro vote of the South would divide if the white men thcre would allow it. The truth of this assertiou was proven in the election on ihe prohibition question in Atlanta a few years ago. And until they do divide Hiere will be a solid North arrayed against them even unto the end of time. It is the only salvation of the country. The recent developments of the horrible atrocitic?, cruelties and barbarities practloed in the Russian political prisons of' Kara, In Eastern Siberia, lead us to believe that what George Kennan recently told the people of this city at Uiiiversity hall was only a portion of the truth. The whole truth was too terrible to teil; more even thaii jieoplc would believe if told. May tlic tonques that cry out against such crimes never be stilled UDtll a reformation is effected. Kussia has a line civilization among hor higher classes, but the absolute power of her government is such that makes it the most despicable govermnent on e.trth. In Ohio there are 21 congressional district?. Ohio is a republican state by from 15,000 to 40,000 majority. The present legislature being democratie, they proposc to re-district the state, so that there shall be 17 democratie districts and 4 republican districts. Was there eyer anything more outrageous in politics? A bilí has been introduced in Congres, however, which may liead off the steal. The bilí provides that congressionol districts for the 52nd congress shall retnain the same as constituted for the present congress. A power it has the right to assumc. A single page in a single issue ot the Century taken for advertising, costs $G90, Harpers $400 and other magazine from $350 to f 190. A yearly adv. of one column in the Chicago Tribune costs $35,950 for the highest rates. T!jc New York Ilerald charges $:5G,203 for the lowest and 39,500 for the highes price column. One inch, or ten lines, one time in the Youth's Companion costs $20. These figures will tloubtless astonish the man who invests $10 and thinks lie is laying out. so mucli money in advertising. - So. Lyon Picket. "We shall control legislation the same as if we were in the majority," said the great free trade statesman, Hoger Q. Jlills just before Congress opened. But wben Congress opened Mills ran against a Reed and changed bis niind. The majority will rule despite Mr. Mills, "be gad, sal ! " Tlie Southern ininority have run things tlieir own way so long that it is pretty tougli for them to relinquish their hold, but they will have to just tlie saine. Tlie bulldozers in Congress wlll do vvell toread this bit of history, brought OUt by the Indlanapolis Journal: "In both the senate and the house which counted the electoral vote which made Abraham Lincoln president the republicana were not a majority. Suppose the demócrata liad discovered the potency of breaking a quorum and had broken a quorum when the two houses met to count that vote - could they not have prevented the declaration of the election of Lincoln?" Three times during tlie present session bas Speaker Reed called Oongreuman Allen to preside over tlie deliberatlons of the House, and he dldn't mistake his man at all. It is a rare honor bestowed on a second termer. Few men have ever secured as great inlluence in so short a time as lias the Captain In that great body of representative men, r fact his con8tituents should not lose Blght of. - Ypsilantian. The manner in which Gen. Alger is being received by the G. A. II. boys in his tour ot inspection amounts to an ovation. He appears to have found his way to their heart9 as surcly as he has to the hearts of thousands of poor people in bis own city whom he has for years iind years itiili 1 by his monpy and his kind advice and inlluence. He would makc a president the nation would be proud of. Josepb Medill, of the Chicago Tribune, expresses it as his opinión that Gen. Alger will be the next republican candidato for the presideney, providing Clianncey Depew does not overeóme the prejudice of the farniing cominunities. He alm thinks tbat Cleveland will be nomlnated by the democrats, even if Hill should get the New York delegation.


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