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[Tilla column luis hoen (jlv.-h t ni; Gtlidentsofilie High Schoot, feud Uiuy wlll edil aud miiiiii.'t li.J No. 1 Lyceum wül debate tiic question Resolved, Tliat tlit negro should be ileported to Liberia. The subject to bu e.onsidered nt ihc S. C. A., Friday iifternoon is " Solomon.' Mlss líary Bohen, leader. Tuesday forenoon Prof. Chute's classes in Phystos were shown a number of interesting electrical experlments. The Students' Chrlstian Associatlon had a very pleasant sociable at the house of Prof. Perry last Friday. Prof. Pattengill bas been absent a few days on account of sickness. In the meantlme, Mr. Bourland conducts the classes n bis place. Tho public program that was to be given next Saturdaj, has been postponet a week, as it was found to be impracticable to prepare an aoceptable program In so sliort a time. Prof. Leutwein's classes in Germán conversation are progressing rapidly The Prof. is undoubtedly a good instructor and his classes olfur an excellent oppor tunity to learn to speak the languajre. Tuesday afternoon the High Schoo Biise-liiill Assoeiation mut for the purpose of electing ts olllcers. There was a sharp contest for the presidency, wbicl resulted in a voto of fifty-niue for Ed. H HadsOD, and lifty-six for Arthur H Seymour. Epp. Mattison was elcctec secretary and treasurer. The following wer chosen directors: Qeo. Jewett, Wm McEnallj', Chas. Freedlander and Kobcr Luw. Our base-ball teams of former years have left good record?, and it is to bc lioped thiit the present team will raisc ts rt-putation still higher.


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