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Somc one will gat It. A cash piz(! of $100 is offered by the Detroit Journal tor the best available sujrjjustioii tor a suitable testimonial í'rom Anímica to Franco, in recognltlon of :mce {ven this country during the Iicvolutioii:iry war. A free exhibition is now in process at the store of Schuil & Muehlig, ie bcing a display of work done upou the White Bewlng machine. C.ipt. Schub, is also rendy to talk business to anyone wanting a machine. Biels Wanted. Proposals for removlng the buildings now located apon tlie fair rrounds of the Wiishtcnaw Co. Ag. & Hort. Society (rom their present localion to the new grounds of the society, will b: reci-ived up to Friday Feb. 2lst, 1890, at noon, by ilie superintendent P. E. Mills, Aun Arbor, Mich. Uiils sliouhl be mide for removing each building separatdy, and the society riSerT68 the right to reject. anv or all blds. P. B. BHAUN, Geo. II. POHD, Titsident. Secretary. . 2w Peculiar Many peculiar points makc Ilood's Sarsaparllla superior to all other medicine. Peculiar in combination, proportion, and preparation oí ingreilionts.íij Hood's Sarsaparilla possesses Jfl vV the íull curativo valuó of thoyír Vf best known remedlesíjroí tho vegetable king-r Oom. Peculiar in itsj CmPT strength and economy- VTlIood's Sarsaparilla isr&ZQ'riho only medicino of_ which can truly besaidro " One Ilundrcd Doses 0nfkO TDoUm." Medicines in .C,1'xrSi'r ancl smaIler bottles 'J'requiro larger doses, anddonot produce as good results as Hood's. S Peculiar In its medicinal merits, Ilood's Sarsaparilla accomplishes cures hitherto unknown, and has won for itself S the titlo of " Tho greatest bloodlt purillor ever discovercd." Peculiarinits"goodnamo wCiit home,"- there is now%re of Hood's Sarsaparilla _ sold In Lowell, whero S ítO Xt.iit,5,i than of allr Tlicr blood purifiers. , y reculiar In lts phcnome- Vnal rocord of sales abroad _Vno othcr preparation "afc1cver attained such popu v larity in so short a time, r and retalned lts popularity and confidcnco among all classe of pcoplo so steadfastly. Do not bo induced to buy other prcparatlons, but be suro to gct tho Tcculiar Medicine, Hood's Sarsapari'lla Soldbyalldrngglst. l;slxfor53. Prepurodonly by C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothocarie, Lowell, Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar OALL I3STI STOP I2ST ! OCOSIIE] I2ÑT I See Four (4) Long Tables piled up with NI 1 HUU Remnants from our Holiday rush. The biggest Remnant Sale Ann Arbor has seen, so DON'T MISS IT ! Every Remnant has a separate large YELLOW TICKET With first the number o: yards then the price for the whole piece marked in plain figures. JíO" You will also find twelve cage salesmen to show and give any in for mation you may wish. MACK & SCHMID ANN ARBOR'S NEW ENTERPRISE Iba Peninsular Soap Co., locatec on the corner of South Main anc Madison sts., manufacture only th best grades of fine Laundry and Toilet Soaps. Our manager, havinj had many years of practical experi ence in this line and using only the purest stock, we can assure the public that our goods will be second to non found on the market. We ask you to PATRONIZE HOME INDUSTRY Only on Condition that our Good are equal to those manufactured else where. Your attention is called to some of our brands now ready for the trade. "GOLD BLOCK" is our lead ing brand of regular Laundry and i warranted to be in every respect sec ond to none, and all we ask is a fair trial with the very best the marke affords. "SILVER BLOCK" is our specialty in the way of a pure white soap at popular prices. It is specially adapted for washing fine clothes, also for general kitchen and toilet use. It is absolutely pure and its equal is not found in the trade. "HAPPY FAMILY" is one of our popular brands and is in every way a full valué soap. "OLD GERMAX " will be jast the thing for those wishing a large amount of goods for a small sum, while our "SCOUR BRIGHT " is abso lutely indispensable if you wish all the kitchen utensils and house generally kept clean and bright. Maideris Blush, Golden Rod, Student s Own, Pure Coco OU, Pure Pine 2br, Iloney, Fine Castile, Etc, Etc. Are some of our many brands of Toilet Soaps, all of which are made 'rom the best mported and domestic stock. All of Our Brands stamped plainly PENINSULAR SOAP CO., ANN ARBOR, MICH. Ask your dealer for our soap and i f ie does not have it in stock, drop a ostal to us and wc will see that you are supplied with the best. PENINSULAR SOAP CO., ANN ARBOR, MlCH.


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