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Among those wlio sign testimoniáis for Miss Amelia B. Edwards, the famous Keyptojoffist and Archa;olo;isr,who is to lecture in University iiaii SutnrHnv evening, Fb. 22(.l, might be mentlohed: Jou. G. Wiiittier, James Bussel] Lowell, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Gco. Wm. Curtis, Wm. Dean Ilowells, CharlM Dmlley Warner, Edwin Booth, Cornelina Vanderbilt, Levi V. Morton, George P. Hoar, President Angelí, Tiinothy Dwlght, Prof. D'Oo?e,Wm. I). Whltney, Rev. Joseph Cook, Rev. Howard Crosby, Rev. Lyman Abbott, Bishop Vincent, the editora of Harpers, Century, Atlantic, Literary World, NatiOD, and humlretfs of others wlio ure prominent In letters und in otber walks of life. THE SILENT PABTHBB. The famous American Comedian G. B. Polk upnenrs at tlie opera house on Mondav, I'"eb. 21, In nis new comcdy "The Silent Partner," wbtch has been pronounecd by tlie entire X. Y. presa the best coinedy nr tten in years. Tiie story is as foUows: A younK New York atttomey has íin ornee In the great Equltable inuidiii'; on Broadwuy. Havlng neither ellen f n oor inlluence, and tui lint; t And any olcler attoruey wllllng to KoiDto partnership witli him, lie resolves to have u partner. So he iuventH one and names htm Nenio. Neino occuiles presumably a private otflee and is too busy aud Impoitant to be seen by cummon eyes. T" makt' Neino appear reul, Sidney bnys olotbea and varlona artloles in nis name, and In a largo office building like the Equltable the fací tliat Nenio has never been seen ts never commented upon ; and Sidney, succeed lu making everybotly believe that the mythical "Nenio1' really existK. shincy is in love wit li Mabel VanCott, the daughter ofarlelx spenulator, wlio objects to Uie engagement. JffIJarolay, Sidney's best frieud, is also In love wltn Maljel. Imt ha already two wlves, one of wliom followa him and demanda of blm 51,000 as busb money, n1i! bavlns idarned tliat ne lsasultor for the hand of a broker's daiiijhter. Driven to desperatlon, he.steals the -y IVdih VanCott, wbose offlofl adjotns tiiat of Sidney. then passes luto Dldney's offloe and Inadvertantly counts the money near a phonograph, just arrived.wblob records bis words. VanCott acenses the mythical Nemo of hav1 ii tí stolen the money. Ho begins a search Tor Nenio, Imt of course no trace can befound of him beyond tlie faot that hls clothes, vallxes, etc, are In Sidney's possession. Bya ciiain of circumstautlal evldence Sidney Is Ünally aooosed of tiaving niurdered Nenio. Unable to clcar blmself liy prodnolng hls partner, he hits upon the desperate expedieut of appeailiij lietore Vau C'ott disguised as the mythical Nemo, and is lmmedlately arrestedt A host of minor complicatlous that have been piling up In the cutiré tbree acts culminate at the same time. But, hy a lucky accident, the phonograpli expoaes Jeft Barclay as the thief, his two wivcs appear to claim him, and tho tuystery concernlng Nemo is happlly cleared up.


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