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IN tne afínalo on mr luin peuuous were prv sented froin cittzens of Mississippi askinjj for the establishment of a republlo&Q form of government ia that Stilte and a tree ballot and a faircount; from citizens of Georgia for the enforcement of the Fiftccnth Amendment; from the Indlanaixilis Board of Trade ustdng for a repel of the inter-SUite commercc law. Bills were passcd appropriating W0.01X) for the Marión (Ind.) braneh of tho National Soldiers Home; $600,000 for a public building at Sioux City, Ia., and t&JO.OOO for a public buikling at Cedar Rapids, Ia. The nnmination of Charles Emory Bmlth, of Pennsylvania. to be United States Minister to Russla, was received from the President In the House the new code of rules was discussed. On the Uth bilis were introduces in the Senate establishing a publicschool system in Utah; providing for an inspection of mcats for exportatlon; prohibiting the importation of adulterated articles of food or drink; to creato an agrieultural commission to investígate the present depressed condltion of tho agricultural iuterests of the country; to prescribe ín part the manner of the election of members of Congress. Bills were passed appropriating $100,000 for a public building at Burlingtou, Ia., and for the relief of certain settlers on public lands In the House the time was occupied in diücussing the new code of rules. IN the Senate on the l'jth a joint resolution congratulatlngthe peopleof Brazilon thelrresumption of the responsibilities of self-government was unanlmously agreed to. Senator Chandler introduced a bilí to regúlate immigration in the United States. The nomination of Thomas J. Morgan as Indian Commissiouer was confirmed ....In the House discussion of the new code of rules was continued, arguments for and agalnst their adoption bcing made. Bnxs were reported in the Senate on the 13th for the establishment and maintcnance of Indian industrial schools in Michigan and South Dakota. The blll to provide a temporary government for the Territory of OUlahomawas f urther consldered and ilnally passcd .... In the House discussion of the new code of rules was continued, arguments for and against tneir adoption being made. On the 14th bilis were passed in tho Senate providing for an Assistant Secretary of War wltn a salary of $4,500; for the relief of soldiere orsllorswhoenllsted or served unfler assumed names; appropriating $100,000 for a public building at Eau Clatre, Wis. ; to prevent tho introduction of contagious discases from one State to another; to invite international arbitration as to diffcrences between nations; providing that oatns required in pension or bounty cases may be taken before any onteer autuorized to administer oaths for general purposes. A bilí was Introduced providing for the pension Ing, at the rate of t5 a month from Marcb 1, 1880, of all women who were army nurses during the late war In the House the new code oí rules was passed by a vote of 161 to 149. DOMESTIC. The saloon of J. R. Joyce at Fairland, Ind., was blown up by dynamite on tho lltb. Prohibitionists were charged with the deed. The firm of Franklin Woodruff & Co., of New York, dealers in fish and salt, failed on the llth for S 100, 000. The Philadelphia & Roading Company's North Ashland (Pa.) colliery shut down indefinitely on the llth, throwing1 five hundred hands out of employment. Lena Robkrxs, a 14-yoar-old girl of St. Joseph, Mo., committed suicido on tho llth with a revolver becauso of a quarrel with her mothcr over housowork. Durino a firo on tho llth at Richmond, Mo., a wall of the burning building foll in, M. F. McDonald and R. M. Jackson and fatally injuring Mr3. Jackson. The first train to arrivo in Portland, Ore., over tho Union Pacific since February 1 arrived there on tho llth. Wii.liam Febbell, a farmer of Ironton, O., was killed on tho llth by hia son, who interfered in defenso of his mother. The commission appointed to examine the electric apvaratus in tho New York State prisons for the killing of crimináis reported on tho llth that each is perfect and will cause doath wittain four seconds. A natural gas well whoso flow was estimated at 15,000,000 feot daily was "drilled in" on tho llth near Marión, Ind. On the llth Charles and John Butle? and William Lee, fishermen, were drowned near Le Preux, N. B., during a gale. Mbs. J. G. Fisher, of Media, Pa., who had became partially insana on tho subject of cremation, set hor clothing on fire on the llth and was burned to death. The nano of Bolivar County, Miss., was on the llth changed by the Legislature to Jefferson Davis County. Secretary Blaine on tho 12th roinstated Sevellon A. Brown as chief clerk of the State Department, from which place ho was removod by Secretary Bayard. Five children were burned to death in Michigan on the 12th, ono near Bay City, orie at Lakeview, ono at Ypsilanti and two near Bellaire, and an old lady met a like fate at Central Lake. The annual moeting of the American Newspaper Publishers' Association was begun at New York on tho 12th. Four of the men accused of conspiracy to bribo jurors in the Cronin trial in Chicago- Smith, Hanks, Solomon and Konen - pleaded guilty in court on tho 13th. Near Youngstown, O., on the 12th William H. Marsteller and his wife were struck by an engine at a railway crossing and instantly killed. ADVlCESof tho 12th saythat in a landsi ido near Florence, Ore., the residenco of A. F. Andrews was buried, and Mrs. Andrews, her daughter and littlo son were killed. In a collision on the Alabama & Great Southern railroad nearCoaling, Ala., on the 12th Engineer Doolittlo was killed and ten passengers were seriously injured. A resolutiox was adoptcd at tho Pennsylvania encarapment of the G. A. R. at Shamokin, Pa., on tho lath requesting the United States Government to prevent the erection of Confedérate monuments on the Gettysburg battlofield. The schooner Isaac A. Chapman, of Gloucester, Mass., engased n the frozen herring trade, was on the lath givon up ior lost with her crew of seven men.


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