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Isaac .!a cm shot and killed HtTinan Bogozinsky in Krooklyn, N. Y., on tho 16th, Uien shot and fatally wounded Etogozinsky's wifo and finally shot uimsi-lf dead. The tragcdy was tho result of an old quarreL City Theasukeb Joiin Davis, of Rochester, N. Y., was on the 15th aaid to bc short in his accounts 860,000. Captain A. T. Palmeb, agodG9years, tho only surviving ofilcor in Maino of tho Mexican war, died on tho 15th at Bangor. The Union Ilido & Leather Company of Chicago failed on the 15th for S134,750. Fok the first time in the history of Donver, Col., all the saloons wero closed on Sunday, the lOth. The harbor of Marquotte, Mich., was on tho lOth entiroly clear of ico, a stato of things nover known beforo at this season of the year. Advices of the 15th say that floods in Australia had de3troyed a large araount of proporty and caused the loss of over forty lives. The flouring-mill of W. L. Kidder fe Sons at Torre Haute, Ind., was burned on tho 15th. Loss, $100,000. A locomotive ran into a hand-car in tho suburbs of Stanton, Va., on the 15th, killing iwo nion and soriously injuring six othors. The groat Nevada Bank of San Francisco was on the 15th bought by a syndicato of Hebrews for 83,000,000, YVim.iam Doiin, dealer in iron cornices at Columbus, O., in a fit of joalousy on the 15th shot his wife and then killed himself. The liquor saloon at Pickardsville, Mo. , owned by Dury Davis, was wrecked by women on tho 15th and the boor and liquor poured into the streek C. G. Davis, a Quobec (Can.) timbar morchant, disappeared on tho 15th, leaving a shortage of 8200,000. The report of the Ios3 of the steamer Dubury and 400 Chinese passongers in tho China sea during a recent typhoon was confirmed on the 15th. The wife and three childron of J. M. Korr, a farmer living noar Wichita, Kan., wore burned to death on the 15th. THE United States Sonate was not in session on the 15th. In tho House a bilí was passod providing for tho ascortainment in tho noxt consus of the mortgage indebtedness of tho country. A bilí was introduccd appropriatlug $250,000 for the purohaso of a rosíflenoo in or noar Washington for the President of tho United States. Tho bill to form the Territory of Oklahoma was favorably reportod.


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