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"Agnks of Sohrento." - TliH is tbe only story that Airs. Stowe evpr wrnte of wiiieh tiif scène is laiil in a foreign country, and constderlnjf how inton-ely American Mrs. Stowe is, and wliat renmrktilile intiniaey she shows wltli Amtrlean thoughr, habit, lid feelintr, it is gomewhat Burprtslng that "Agites ufSorrento,'1 wliicli is an Itallan story, is reyarded ns one of her most suecessful anl entertainIng novéis. Xbose wjio ntvcr reatl it li:ive now au excellent, opportunity to read it In the Riverside Peper S rics (Hotighton, Mitlliri tt Go., Botn, 50 cents ) Mayor Powcll, Director of tlie Qeologieal Survoy, will begin in the Match Century a series of three papyri, Illujtrated witli map?, on tbe subject, of [rrijration. Kis tlrsr paper will lie entitUd "Tlie Irrigable LaiuU of tbc Ariü Región." Professor Pischer will close, in the Mtti'di uumber of The Centurv, his vcry timely series of religlous papers, iiie last, one being entiticd "Revelfttion and Falth.1' These pa[ers have a direct beariiiji npon tbe diseussions now in progresa on creed revisión. A greut deal of sound sense is contained in tliis from the Uhlcajro Tribune: "Tlie question as to whetber the tai 11' is or is Dot taz agitates ubnut tvery dry goods box loafer in tbe country. Men leave their wivus at home washing and Bewllig to support the fainily and from tlieir perches contend over tlie iroposition wbether or not the tarifl is a tax. They spend thelr Suudays down town with lager and cards and continue tbeir cry that "tarifl" s a tax." They get home late at night try to unlock tlie door wltb a corkscrew and swear at wife and bables while they nwardly inutter that "tarifl is a tax." Soine of the more ambitious put big mortgages on their property, buy a flue carriage team, build as good a house as men who are worlh ten times as muc-li as themsclve, ttrr-i [n tin1 rüRIIlou nnd wben tlie sherifl' sells tbeir farms, are beard to curse the "robber tariff whicli is a tax." All the ills they bivo are caused by the robber tarifT wbich is a. tax. Certain is it that it we bad no tariff or iuternal revenue we would have to provide for our national expeuditures by direct taxation. Most of those who denounce a tarifl' would be as strongly opposed to direct taxation. Wbile al] parties believe in a reduction of tbe tarift', none would remove it altogetber. The diflerence between tlie parties is In the manner of aocoinplislung the reduction. Cleveland's admloistratlon cftered Do relief and tbe time for tbis administratloil to iet is in the future, hut in tbe rneantime our disputante m licht undertake a personal coinbat with tliree robers that are moet heavily taxlng tbeni. These are tobáceo, whiskey and liziness. Any one of these is a heavy burilen, two wlll make a bcalthy man dependent upon his wife for support and three will end a fel lo w to the poor limite swearlug thiit "the tariff is a tax."


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