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How Girls Can Get A College Education Without Cost

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A most praisewortliy tnoyecuent isnbout to be set on foot by The Ladies'.Hone Journal of Phlladelphla. It ]roposes to give to nny younx girl of 16 years or over who will send to t, between ioiv and January let, 1891, the larpeet Dumber of yearly subscribera tn the Journal, a complete educatlon at Vassar College or any other American college slie iiï:iy select. The education offered hicluücs every brancb of study, wlth every expense pala, the Journal ngreelDg to edúcate the girl irreepective of the time reqttired or t!ie expense Involved. To Ihis is also pinued a second o 11er wliich guarautoes to any (jlrl of 1G or over who will secure 1000 yearly subscribersbefore Jannary let, a full tcriii oí'one year at Vassar or any other preferred college, wlth all expenses pald, thus making Itposslble for any nnmberof youiiK girls to receive lree educations at the best colleges. Any girl can enter inlo the competidon, and any such can be thoroufrlily posted by elmply writinj; to The Ladies' Home Journal ut 4).5 A.rcl) Street, Philatlelphia. The maDngement snys that it has been led to its generous oflers by the fact that there are thougands of parents thiouhout the country anxious to edúcate their daughters, and yet whocannotatlbrd tlie expense. TbiSStep helps to a comparatively easy solution of the problem, since it throws a free elucation into the hunda of any bright and i'Ctive }{irl. Tlie Journal's movement is One that certainly cannot be too highly commended and praised.


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