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MXSOSIV DIKKCTOKV. A.: Arbor Oommandery, No. IS meel firpt l'uesrlay of eacli montli. C. E. Hlsoock, E. ;.; John R. Miner, Etaeorder. Wasutknaw Cfiaptkk, No. B, R A. M.- .vloet.s rtrst Mouday eacb nmiitu. J. U Htono. H P.: Z. ttoalh. Secretary. BUSINESS CARDS. D. A. MacLachlan.M. D. ! DISKASKS OV TUK EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT. OFFICE ASD EESIDEHCE, 26 SCÜTS ÍIVISI0I STREET Horas: l to 4, nnd 0.:!0 to 7::w I. M. Vogel & ekñ1 DEALER IN ALL KIKDS OP FRESH AND SALT 2IEATS Poullry, Lard , He. EVERYTHING NE AT and CLEAN No. O K. Ann St.t A il il Arlor. v. w. xicaioLrS, Rooms Over Ann Arbor Sayintf Ifank, Court House Square. VITALÏZSD AZB. A'lmlnletorcd. It is agrneable nd eaiy to Ukc, and uo prustrallng eüert- foiiow. while teeth are extracted without mtiu. WILLIAn IIERZ, Houso, Sisn Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! Paperiug, Qlaziog, Gilding1 1 and Culcimlnlnir, and work of evcry descriptton douc in the beet 8tylc,aud w&rrautod to give eatiefaction. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St„ Ann Arbor. O. IsL. lLJRrnXlST, 'DBAI-KK IN CLOTH CASKETS, METALIG And Coraraon CoíHns. Calis attented to Day or Niglit. Kmbalmlng a speclalty. Htoreruotu un E. Washington street. Besidence Cor. Liberty and Plftn. He Farmers' & llúúi' Bank CAPITAL $50,000. STOPLU3 $7,000. Adfliüonal Liaüilities of Stociñolflers $5O,OOO. STATE OF MICHIGAN, ) liANKING DEPAltTMKNT. ( mire of the Coimnlsslouers.j Whkreas, by satisractory evldence presented to the underslgned, lt bas tieen made to appear that the Farmtsrn7 and Mecbanlcs' liiink.iii the city of nn Arbor, In tbeOonnty of Wahtenaw, Htate ot Michigan, has com ÊHed wlth all the provisión of tlie (eneral anklng Law of the State of Michigan re(lulred to be complled witb berore a corporatlon Hhall be autuorized to continue the buslnesgof lianking. Now therefore. I, Theodore O. Shcrwood, Commlssioner of the State Banking Department, do hereby cerllfy that by tbat the Karmen' & Meohanlcs1 liank, aforeesld, Isauthorized to continue the business of banking as provlded in rpcUoh W) of the Gen'l Banking law of the state of Michigan. [L. B.] In wltnpsN whereof wltneHg my tiand and Heul of olïice at Lansing tbts 22d day of June. 1889. T. C. SHERWOOD, Com. of the Uanklng lopt. illtj MMS & luüUlidlllüú Jjdila. havlngflled thelr certifícate wlth the State Banking Department are now authorlzed to do business hs a Savlngs Bank, and lu purBuance thereof nave opetied a Savings Department! Interest allowed in the Ravlngs departmoiit on all deposits of 51 and upwards, Interest pald Jane Int and Dec. lst, of eacli year. TIih siivlngsdepartmont is open üaturday nlglits from 7 unti] 8 o'olook. Mouey to loan In suiusof 25 to $5,000 secured by uncncunibered real estáte or approved securities. DIRKCTOHS-Ilenbon Kpmpf. TliaM. K., K. Oiilly, AiubiMme Kciirtej-, Win. v. Btevena, W. F. Breakeyt' J. K. Bcal, John Uure, D. F. Scbairer. K. KKMPF, Pres. K. IUlPFy, VIce-Pre. F. H. BËLSER, CasUlor. Wfhe Greatest Blood Purifierj KNOWN. I I This Great Germán Medicine la the#, III I lehcapostanrt bcst. 128dosesof SUL-f u II I lIMIflí . lil TTI':i{Síor$1.00,lesstliRiw c? [II llioiní cent íi (loso. It will cure WviM L Kg wor6t cases of skin dlsease, fronw m Bu a í'ommon pim]lo on the face f ■ Ito awful dlseaae Scrofula. T 8ULPHUB BITTERS la thc# II best mcilicino to use Ín nUM cases o( Bticli Btubbom anUyour Kld 111 deep Beated diseases. Io,#ney8im,,utl II ooi ovur Uiko Mot oixlcr. Ise Ul BLUE PILLS 3í..l}',!iVO Iormcrciiry,tlieyarelenil#.Jsl. ,ú noU . Place y,,;,r trust Ir uf ." "r wímt ílá 1 1 medicine ever made!jH)pJ,j Bitters 1 III _l8yrarTongueOoatod# r gñ ul wlth :i ycllowstlcky m Don't walt nntll yon tg ÍBubstance? lsvmir#are unablcto walk,orlll breath foul aiu]#are nat on your back, 1 1 Offensive? your#biit(íft soinc at once, itlll stomac.h is out#wlll cure you. tiu)tilur of order. UsdvBitturs U MBiTOERSJÍ1 Invalid's Frlcnd.S Imiiu'i liai vygTc yonnpr, the apred nnd ■■ I i ffl ynur 'r-MUiMw are BOOtl niadowt'll )y I I SI tlii'l,#iii i-r. Itiüiu'irtbur whatyoul II lil rom-, rbi.Mri.M here, lt may eave yotirlll lluuv, 0TMiíe it bas savea hundruds. III &■ #Duu't woit uutll to-morrow, □ f Try a Bottle To-day! E3 I S ƒ Are yon low-splrltcd nnd wrak. III II i? Mor pufferincr frora the oxoesses f III I Mi'utM U so, BULPHOB WTTEKsl II I 'ywlllcureyou. Send 3 í-cent stainps to A. 1'. Oniway o., BüBtoii.Müss., for best inudiuul work publlshoU? W, F, LODHOLZ IS OFFERIXG BARGAINS AXD Jlill L00K_ATTHEM S Ib. GiOD JVI.X TEA l.OO 7 Bar LVI.'MtStY 8OAP 25 BEST BIIOJH. TtS r II L, ii-r :il. O7 Itlivr WATKK WHITE, O8 it canil II o i i : -r.?i vi Oüs !i 3 Cans CUOICK (Olt 'lá VELLOW l'CUHÜ-i, wort 1 'iáe per Can, lor Ï8 PIB PEACIIK. per Can 16 1'i.XE, -1I1XKI KOAHTED COFFKÜ, per Ib 25 "Ol'B IIKAITÏ' NMOKING TOItACCO, per Ib 20 SSKST HAK1NU roWBER, Ín 1 Ib. Van! per Ib 2ff M1XÜD CANKY, per Ib 10 ALL GQODS FRESE LE WAERANIED! IT WILL PAY YOU TO TRADE WITH (r ■W. F. I.ODHOL.Z, (Al UüOtiaVlV, AXN AltilOR. 1536 ftU ■ bll I IvtallW this papar, oí obtain estímate! I on advoftising space when in Chicago, will find it on file at I 45 o 49 Randolph St., Q O TUfBQ theAdveititingAgoncyof LUIIII tt I liUBAwP


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