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Buying Cheap And Selling Dear

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"Buy where you can buy clieapest, and sell where you can sell dearest," shouts the attorney for free traüe, and in the glitter of this trite maxira the workingïian is expected to overlook the fact that right here iu the United States under our e.xlsting economie policy, hecan maintain ilmself and bis family with less exertiou ; t could be done in any other counry in the world. He oould not increase he ratio of his comfort and happiness to iis libor by getfmg iato all the markets witbin reach of commerce. In fact if he vas restricted to the highest wagea paid elswbere he would be compelled to do vithout the fuUillmeut of some desire he atiafies bere. The man wbo bas nothing but skill and abor to sell will ahvays lind it to his advantage to get where the demand for hese is most active; where wago payer ïunt for men to helpcarry on their enteririses, ratlier than where wage earners are compelled to hunt for employment. nasmuch as this cou'd not bc if the busness of the country was restricted to the few industries possible under free trade, he workingman would have all the mnting to doif that policy should prevail. The workingman U buying cheapest when he secures a maximum of the cessities and comforts of Ufe with a day's abor, as he does here in the United States. And in this very transaction he at the same time sells the only thing lie ïas to sell, i. e., his labor, in thut market of all others where ho can sell dearest, or o the best advantage. The economie heorist may ignore this fnet, but the common people of other countries see it plainly enough, and as a eonsequence .hey come to this land of protected and nultiplying industries in numbers without a parallel in the history of nations. Senator Allison has been returned by he legialature of Iown, he receiving a majority of votes in both branclies of tliat body yesterday. The best düy'a work that body has done sincc it li;is been in session. Did you ever stop to think what a tireless letter-wrlter a good local paper is? Week after week, reaching into year nfter year, it goes on telling of the marriages, births, deaths, and the coming md going of the people of the town, business success or failure, accidents, crops, Iraprovetnents, meetings, in fact events of all kinds. All is a grist that comes to the hopper of a good local paper. Wliy, if you wcre to undertake to writo a letter every week to your absent friend and teil half the news that your local paper gives, you would soon 2ve up in despair. The suppoaed pleasure would become tiresoine, and the letters grow shortcr, father apart, and finally quit. Why the difference? Because with a newspaper it is business. People In a live town recognize this and take pleasure in giving the editor news items vou would never otherwise learn.


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