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[This column has been given to tho si n ilcnts of Uie Illh School, and they wlll cdlt uní conduct lt. The practicability of compulsory oducation will be taken up and discussed a the next Arena meeting. The Delta Epsilon had a strange innovation in their program in the vvay of a clog-dance at their meeting. The topic for discussion at the S. C. A next Friday is "Triumph of Faith,' Heb. 11 : 1-10. James Burgan, leader. The snow and the thaw the fore part o the week were a god-send to the standings of quite a number of students. No ice, no skating. Remember the "Junior Ex." Saturday night, and remember also that you ge your tickets from one of the teachers bef ore Friday noon. The 8econd term of the year closes Friday. Monday morning in the chape the reports on English will be given after which the studente will repair to their session rooma, nnd from there they will go to their different recitation rooms to hear tlieir fate as to tlielr faithfullness or unfaithfulness during the last term. The school board very wisely have employed a special instructor in music for the ward schools. A special in 8tructor is also employed in the University. Why should not the students of the high school give some attention to music? We hope our superintendent and school board will give this hint due consideration and provide us the privilege of an hour's drill in music not less than once a week. Boys and girls should not bc In too great a hurry to "ve up tbelr school life We have nevcr yet seen the individua wlio had too much education. NVither have we secn nny one wlio regretted hav ing spent his time and money attcndlng school. On the other hand, their name is legión wlio all their livcs regret not haviug spent more time in school "liaste niakes waste," and nowhere is this more tnie than in the foolish hurrj of sorae to quit school and enter the active dulies of life. Having entercd the actlvities of life, most people find their education so insuffieient that they must labor through it at a constant disadvautage. - South Lyou Pioket. The followlng is the program to be observed on Saturday evenlng next in tlie Illsrh School ohapel lor the annual Junior Ex.: MUSIC. 1'RA.YKR. MUSIC 1. American Coramerce ( ■luirles H. Minian, Aun Arbor -. Spectaeles Je-si. ■ K. Mldgley, Ann Arboi 3. Men who cannot be Routïbt '. James S. Handy, Aun Arbor 4. Ciroles Winifrcd Orr, Aun Arbor MUSIC. 5. Perseverance the AHy of Genius Claude J. Prlce, Ann Arbor 0. Recitatloii....Kmlly Purfleld, Ann Arbor 7. Soiue American (Jbaraeterlstlcs Ira Severauce, Walled Lake S. Tlie Story of a Pen Florenoe E. Smltli, Aun Arbor MUSIC. 9. The Hcholar's Hope ...Emliy M. Treadwell, Ann Arbor Town 10. Brazil and Her Ueposed Emperor J. Sterling 8t. Jobn, Hlghland 11. MHitury Héroes. ...Nettle West, Jacskun MUSIC.


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