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Queer Names For Common Thing's

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l'I siy Cap., give me sommore tliat ere hlghwater terbackerl" said a country - inun wlio üropped uto one of our prominent grocery stoies the other day. Of course he meant Hiawatha tobacco, and a quizzicil smla spread over ye local's counteiiaiice iis lie noticud the gravity - uot a trace of a sinile - on tlie countenance of tlie man who dealt out the weed. After tlie customer hud gone out we ventuml to ask how he coukl control I1Í3 facial neives 80 well. ''Why," said he, "that fellow coimi Ui lm once or twice n wek regularly for the same artlcle, and has for years, and we never thlnk of siniling over it any more.'1 "Do you have maiiy other queer thiugs asked for ? " "Every day, nlmost. Wo liave one customer who strikes ui all dumb by the resillar order: 'Give me live pounds of jaralyzed sugar.' He gets pulverized sugar, of course." llardly had the good natured merchant got the words out of his mouth before in carne a young lady and with imyerious dignlty gave this order: "I want you to send up Hfty cents worth of graduated sugar to our house, and charge it to pa." As her pa"s credit was jfood the cranuated sugar was sent In its place. "Speaking of coinmoii tnistakes in nanne3 of articles, many people who stand ligh up in social cheles íet mixed sometimes,'1 said our merchant. "For ins'ance one of the first ladies in the city steppcd n liere yesterday and asked if we had some 'choice criticeutrated peache3.' We showed her the evaporated article, when she hlushed quite deeply and acknowleded she had misspoken the name." "Another thing commonly asked for is consecrated lye.' Many people ruakc bat mistake, and we are so used to it hat we seldoui noticc when a peison asks for the wrong article." "Ifoneof you newspaper men could stay in here and clerk for a week you could get enough for a column article, and some of the mistakes would be nlgbty comlcal too."


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