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The New Postage Stamps

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The new postage stamps have been ilaccd on sale, but the old ones will take etters to their destination justas rapidly. ?ostmasters are not allowed to reilecm or exchange the new etamps for old ones. The new series are of the same dcnoranatioii as the old, but different in design: The 1-cent stamp contains a proflle bust, aftcr Kubrtcht, of lienjuiniu Frankltn, prlnted In ultra marino blue. On the2-cnt stamp Is a profile buRt after loiulou, of George Washington look Ing to he left, on an oval disk, prlnted In carmine. The3-cent stamp contains a protlle Imst, after Powers, of Andrew Jackson, on an oval disk, prluted In purple. The 4-cent stamp contains a por: ral t of Abraham Lincoln, after a photogmph Trom lfe, three quarter face, lookiug to the right. The color la chocolate. On the 5-cent stamp Is a portralt of General 3rant, after a photograph from ] lfe, threequarter face, lookiug to the rlght; color, Ight brown. The 6-cent denomination has a portralt of James A, Garfleld, after a photograph liom lfe, three-quarter face. The color of thlx tanip has not yet been fully determined upon. Tlie 10-oent stamp contains a portralt of Daniel Webster, after a daguerrotype from lfe, three-quarter face, looking to tho left; color, mllorl green. The 15-ccnt denomination has a portralt of lenry Clay, after a daguiírrotype froiu lile. The color Is deep blue. On the .W-cent stamp Is a prorllo bust of Thomas JeUerson, aller Cerraochi; color lack. The 90-ccnt denomination contains a prolle bust of Commodore O. II. l'orry, aiter Wolcott's statue. The color Is oranje. The whole series Is deslfined and printcd y the American Hank Nolu Uompany. uiult-r he direction and hupervlKlon of Third Assisaut l'otmaster Guneral Hazen. Prof. C. H. Toy, of Harvard will 0ODtribute to the April "Popnlnr S ience Vlontlily" a tliouhtfiil eí-siy on "Etliics and Religión," in whicb he shows that religions have mainly borrowed their rules of conduct from what men have re;arded as right, and that it is doubtful if ethics has received anything from nligion.


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