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Annual Report Of The Woman's Charitable Union

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At the annunl meeting of the Womnn's Charitable Union held Thursdny, M.trcli Oih, In Hobart Huil, the f illowingollkcrs were clccted: President- Mrs. C. A. Jiiycox. Vlce president- Mrs. piiebestoele. Sucretary- Mrs. W. .1. Hootb. Trensurer - Mrs. P, Bach. Kxecutlve Mrs. J. M. Wlieeler. Mrs. M. B. Ollbert, Mm. B. Day, Mrs. J. C. KnowlInn, Mrs. PUlllp liach, Mrs. Ellza Sunderlana. The President appointed the followlng ward commiltecs: Klrst ward- Mrs. Jaycox, Mrs. Qllbert, Mrs. Mlner. Hecond ward- Mrs. Bach, Mrs. Clarlcson. Tliird ward- Mrs. Katliboue, Mrs. Juuius E. Beal. Fourtli waru- Miss Ilenulng, Mrs. Beal Mrs. l'arker. FifUi ward- Mrs. Brown, Mrs. J. C. Knowlton, Mrs. J.N. Martin. 'Slxtli ward- Mrs. Butts, Mrs. Steele. SECHETARY'S ANNDAL REPOUT. In reviewing tlie work of the Charitable Union, for the year just closed, we flnd much lo encourage us to rencwed effbrts in our works of benevolence for the coming year. Tlmelj' gifts of food nnd clothing judiciously distributed among the neeuy nave averteü iiiucu uistress - the carrying of geod things to these destitute homes has not been mistaken charity. During the past year 290 visita were made and received. Number of times families were assisted, 130 ; vulue of second hand clothlng distrlbuted, $1-10.16, but we cannot number the words of sympathy to the worthy poor, nor estímate the value of the aid extended to the needy ones of the city by the members of our unión. The report proves very faithful work on the part of the ward comtnittees which we cannot pass by without a word of special commendation. Our meetings are held on the first Thursday of every montb, in Hobart Hall, and we make an earnest appeal for a largely increased membership. "He that giveth to the poor lendeth to the Lord,'' and, " ye have the poor always with you." We would repeat the cali so recently made for generons donations of second haud clothiDg. Fif ty slx garments have been purchased from the sewing school by the Charitable Union and distributed among the needy during the past year. The school under the efficiënt management of Miss Brown is increasing in interest and the children are there tanght practical lessons for present and future usefulness. Any contributions made to the school will be well placed and thankfully received. To the Unitarian church and the Sunday schools of tlie Congregational and Methodist churches, we wish to return thanks for liberal donations of provisions, with which the committee were enabled to providc 103 Thaukgglvlng and Christmas dinners. For gifts of goods and money we heartlly thank the followiüg : Wines & Worden, for their yearly oflering of $20 worth of good3, Mrs. Beal, Mrs. Angelí, Prof. Walters, Mr. Bradshaw, Mr. Babcock, Sunday School excursión fund, and churches for Thank.sgivlng offerings. We wish to notlce the unfailing courtesy of the city marshul in assisting the several ward conunittecs, also the city press for their coutinued klndness in publishing our reporta. Mus. W. J. Boom, Sec. W. C. U. -Maren C, 1800. TUBASURER'8 RErORT. Animal report of Woman's Charit;ib!c Union for year ending March 7, 1S90. Balance in treasury $ 47 51 Membersliip diiei 52 00 Hecelved from SundaySchool excursión (il 16 Tbanksgivlng Col 65 31 Special Donut i on 33 90 Total $259 88 EXPENDITURES. Paici First NVard. $ 8 84 ' Second " H 00 " Thlrd " ft " FyurUi " 34 10 - i'Titli ' 24 70 " Slxth " 28 17 " Sewlng School 19 40 " Special Charl lies. (8 85 Total $244 10 lialance $ 15 75 ü. Total 259 88


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