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At the last regular meeting of the Plainfield Woman's Foreign MisMonary Society, a committee was appointed to draft the following preamble and resolutlons : Whereas, It has beeu the wlll of our Heaveuly Father to remove from our mldst one of our most falthful merubers, Mrs. CUloe M. Daniels. Hesulved, Thnt the society deeply feels the of our sister, who has for severa! years been an active co worker among us. Slie was nlwayg present at each meeting, uutll falllng liealtli rendered her attendance imposslble, and was always to discharge every duty required of her. The society has met wlth an irreparable loss iu thedeath of sister Daniels, and the vacaucy caused by uer reinoval iliilictilt, to flll. IZexolved, That we do most slncerely extend to the sorrowiDg ones, our heartful sympalhy and pray that "He who doeih all thlngs" well raay comfort auU sustain them in thelr bereavement. Rttolvti, That a copy of these resolutlong ha sent to the Ann Arbor Couhieb and the Misstunury Kecord, forpubllcalloa, thatthey be recorded in the Journal of the society, and a copy be sent to the bereaved family. MRS. MAK Y JACOBS, Pres. Mus. Viola Wassoj, Cor. Sec. Lottie Bualey, Kec. Soc. New York Is etill kick ing viciously aK├╝inst Chicago aa the location for the world's fair. It will do no good, howcver, for Chicago never l'ails in accomplishing what slie undertakes. She will give the world the best it has ever seen. Some8uperstltious person has been looking the matter up and linds that the majorlty of leatha In lliis city diirlng the past winter lave been lu corner houses. - Monroe Commercial. Corner houses have got a corner on the reaper so to speak I


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