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Miss Clara Barton, president of the National Association ot the Red Cross, has been to Nortü and South Dakota investigating the needs of the settlers tliere, and finds tliat help is needed for about 5,000 people there, and appeals to the public for aid. Miss Barton's name is a sufficientguarantee that all moneys sent will be honestly and judiciouely expendod. Hamled in by slug nine: Wlien I thlnk of the towel, the old fasuioned towol, that used to hang up by the printing house door, I think that nobody in these daysof slioddy can hainmer out iron to wear as it wore. The tramp who abused it, the devil who U3ed it; the comp. who got at it when these two were gone ; the make-up and foreman, the editor, poor man, each rubbed some grim off while they put a hoap on. In, over and uiuler, 'twas blacker than thunder, 'twas harder than poverty, rougher than sin; frotn the roller suspended, it never was hended, and it flapped on the wall like a banner of tin. It grew thicker and rougher and harder and tougher, and daily put on a more inkier kue, until one windy morning, without any warning, it feil to the floor and was broken In two. Martin Huiler has added to bis line of goods also run, oil cloth and shade?, and sella carpet by sample for one of the largest liousea in the country. Nnfhiniï nppppfk lita iipppqq! liUillllig OUUUCCUo LilG OUüüuoúi K0THIN6 WAS HES LIKE OÜR "50L1BL0CK" gj "SILVERJCrS TRY "SOOITB. BEZCHT" KOR CLEANING. FARMERS, MECHáNICS, AND LABORERS SIIOELD USE OÜK PurG'TinoTar1)Soap fur Rough or Chapped Hands. ñ FOR lÍTOILET GODDS SOLD EYERYWHERE. PENINSULAR SOáP CO., ANN ARBOR, MlCH.


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