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A Glee Club lias been orgnnized at Welléëley. A reception lo the faeulty wa3 givenjo" Prof. D'Uóge onFridáy evening. At the meeting of the Detroit Athletic Club last Friüay evening ibout r0 students were present. Twenty studente of Yale college are to Lo west in June to act as home missionariesat f 20 a month for threemonths. The Literary Magazine is to be publishcd at Brown Unlversity after April lst. IU field will be purely literary and vrill not interfere with the Brunionian. About 100 alumni attended the sixth animal banquet of the Washington Alumni Association of the U. of M. at Washington, D. C, last Wednesday evening. The oratorical contest of the senior law class is to take place next Saturclay evening before a committee of 13 memben of the class. The best eight will be selected who will in turn orate before a committee of three who will select the class orator. Boards open today for the last lecture in the unusually excellent and extreniely successful course before the Student's Lecture Association. It is to be given by the French satlfist and humorist Paul Blouet, known to the world as Mnx O'RelI. The following are tiie dates, ncarly complete, for the entire Qlee Club trip: Bay City, March 14th; Kast Baginaw, March 15; Ypsilanti, March 21; Detroit, March 24; Grand Eaplds, April 11; Kalamazoo, April 12; Sllnneapolis, April 14; St. Paul, April lö; Chicago, April 10; Pullman, April 21. Qrcat preparations are belng made at Kansas City tor the annual banquet of the Michigan Univcriity Alumni Association of the northwest, to be held theie Slay 23d. A guarantce fund of $1,000 lias been raised, aud upwards of 200 guests are expected. President Angelí, President Adams of Cornell, Ilon. Don M. Dickinson, Judges Campbell, Gr.iut and othurs it is expected will be present. THE NEW CALENDAR. The new ealendars were given to the newepapers Mouday eveuing. The publicationcontains248pages,and 12,000 copies are issued. The sumtnary of students foois up at 2,153, divided aa follows In the varlous departments : Llterary 1007 Medical 872 Law 533 Plmrmaoy 83 Homeopathy 72' Dental 103 Iu the summary by States we find 43 of the 48 states represented and 15 foreign countrics. Michigan has 1,019 of the total number of students, Illinois comes next with 223, then follows Ohio 175, Indiana 103, New York 84, Iowa G5, Pennsylvanla G2, Missouri 35, California 33, Minnesota 23, Colorado 23, Wisconsin 23, Kansas 21, Nebraska 19, Utah 18, Kentucky 15, Washington 10, Massachusetts 9, Montana 8, New Jersey 8, New Hampshire 7, Arkansas, Connectlcut, Oregon and Vermont each G, District of Columbia, North Dakota, Tennessee each 5, South Dakota, Texas and Wett Virginia each 4, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho nnd Maine each 3, Arlzona, Maryland, North and South Carolina each 2, unU Mississippl, Nevada and Khode Island each 1. Of the foreign countrios O.itario leads with 45 students, then follows far away Japan with 21, England send3 5, the iLnvaiian Islands, New Brunswick, New Zealanü, Porto i:no, and Quebcc each 2, while Germany, Hungary, ltalr, Manítoba, Mexico, Nova Scotia and Russia are each represe nted. The rate of increase for the past flve rears in the literary department has been 05 per cent. In the law department 100 )er cent., and notwithstandlng the per" sisten t effort to destroy and remove the medical department it also has increased n numbers. Ia the Homeopathie dejartment the increase has been ncarlv .00 per cent, for the same length of time. The total enrollment in 18S4-5 was 1,285, thlsyear 2,153, a gain of 8GS or 6S )er cent. Tlie enrollment leuda Harvard Jniversity ly 74, making it the largest Jnlversity in America to-duy. Ilorace Greeley'sadvice lo "go west, young man," las been followed. Of the ladies, who constitute 1-lCth part of the entire body of students, we lind 315 ñames in thc calendar, lurgcly in the literary department. Ia the medical department notice is Kiven tliat the course will hereafter be extended from three to four years. There are 70,041 volumes in the libraries, together with 14,C2G unbound volumes and 514 charts nnd inaps. Tliere are no tv 38 high schools iu tlie couutry f rom which stuiten ts are admitted to the upiversity. The care of proof reading ai;d of ssuïng the University Cal endar has bccn in the hands of Prof. Pettee tliis year, and that he has done liis work well ís jlainly shown by the publication itself. [n tliis as in every tliing else he undertakes, he ia prompt and thorough. The calendar was printed at the Counikh oflice.


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