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The United Statos Senato was not in session on the 8th. In tho House sevoral bilis (or public buildings wore roported. Matii.da Bttby died on the 8th at Baywick, Ky., aged 123 years. The stoamship Black Brinco. frm Mexino, ivi. icli urrlved in l'hiladolphia on tho 9th, roported the loss of her socond oflicor and three of her crew in a storm. The body of a Sister of Charity named Piutnizky, a wornan of 40 years, was found cut into small pieces in a Back at Moseow on the 8th. Rev. L. Smtii Hobaht, foundcr of the Chicago Tlioological Seminary, died at Springflold, Mass., on the 8th, agod 70 y o ars. Mits. On'icsimk Coleukttk, the wifo of a wealthy Canadian farmor, and her soven childrrm woro burned to death on the 9th in their home near Cote St Michaol, Can. Mr. Coleretto was absont. Giivy &Bappt's furniture factoryand othor buildings at 1) stroit wore dostroyod by fire on tho 'Juli; loss, $250,000. The funeral of the late George H. Pend'oton took place at Cineinnati on tho 8th. Miss Cl a ba. Haktojt, president of tho American National Association of the Rod Cross, issuod an appeal on the 8th for aid for 5,0üü persons in want In tho Dakotas. The funeral of Miss Lizzio Kramer, known as the fomalo giantess, took place at Pittsburgh, Pa., on tho 9th. Sho woighed 4'J8 pounds. Maiiy (jau.ahsr, agod 102 years, died on tho 9th at Cloveland, O. Chables Williams and his 12-yearold son, living in the suburbs of Galena, Kan., woro f jund murdorod in thoir bed on tho 9th. Advicüs of tho 8th say that a flro in tho village of Hodogaya, China, destroyed '270 buildings. Mus. A.nn'u CuoiIO, indicted at Pottstown, Pa., for the murdor of her husband last Xovombor, committod suicido in jail on the üth. Thomas Todd was lockcd up on the 8th at Lima, O., for drunkenness. He sot firo to the bod-clothing in the cell and died from sutfocation. The small villagu of Jonosville, S. C, was nearly dostroyuil by fire on the 9th. The cxchangos at tho Inading clearing houses in the Unitod States during tho week endel on tho 8th aggregated SI, 145, 189, WO againnt SI, 107,590.004, the provious week. As comparod with the corrosponding week of lBSa the increase amountod to 8. i


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