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My Friends, The Dead

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Over the ficlds, where the meadow lark Pipes lila one monotonons straln. Out of the grnss and up on the post, üfl, and lnto the grass agaln,- Out from my window vvhlch looks to the wefit, JuRt w t in ii the ode of the town, Aboot thlrd-way to the rlm of the vorld - Our llttle round workl where the kun non down, - Herelle thelr gronnds. Full tastefiilly kept Bhade and shrubbery. flowers and lawn ; Heresang to me llrst the trim brown thrush. Here hrown Hob-White, in the early lawn, Calla out to hls brooding male, "Don't fear ! ''- Wllh her little nest full, and her mothcrheart stlrred- "All's well ! have cheer! All'a well out here!" Was there ever volco so heartful heard? On threshold or lintel of all tlicsehomPS Are comfortlng worüs,- why nol lu the town? Do you f-ver en 11 on in y (rienda out hert? I often do. Wüen tne sun goes down And the klne go homeward, over the hllls. And the lamDs lo the fold, then ofteo 1,- So tlred, bo tlr;d - ak, "Mayn't I come, Oood friends, and stay wltn you ly umi byï"


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