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Old Fashioned School Ma'am

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How dear to my heart is the old-fashloned Bchoolma'am, When ad recollections present her to view; The way whlch she'd often us boys wlth a rule lamín WotiM make the whole future look fearfully blue. And still lu my fancy I feel my flesli tingle, Time never can quite the seusatlon destroy, For when she got rattled she made the house Jingle- The old-fashloned (ichoolma'am I knew when a boy. The red-headed schoolma'am, the strongmuscled scliootma'am, The nrgus-eyed scuoolma'am, I know when a boy. If we ilared croóle a flnger 'twas quickly delaotad And Tollowed at once wlth a punlshment dread, Until all the boys in the school half suspected She couldsee Justas well wlth the back of her head. There, Uien, was no use In our trylng to fooi her, She had an imprcsslon we could not destroy. And so she would earnestly lay on the rul er- . The old-fashloned schoolma'am I knew when a boy : The red Deaded schoolma'am, the strongmuscled scuoolraa'am, The argus-eved school nia'iun I knew when a boy. And y et notwlthstandlng her constant endeavor. Our school days wlth sly boyish pleasures were fruught, We always were luto some mlschief whenever We thonght we could do it without being cauglit. We threw puper wads and wera nolsy and pranuy, And did everythins which we could to a 11 noy, No wonder that once In a whlle she was cranky- The old-lashloned schoolma'am I knew when a boy : The boardud-round schoolma'am, the underpatd school ma'am, The much-abiiaed school ma'am I knew wIk'ii a boy


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