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Tlie veto of the mayor, made not from opposjtlon to the plan for sewers but from a technical point of doubt as to the legality of raising the tnoney by the way proposed, should not put a stop to the use of every cflbrt to get the matter before the people. Rather tlian to pass it over the veto It would be better to lay before the taxpayers the proposition to vote f 10,000 for the immediute starüng of Time is money on this eewer pipe, on account of the istonishing low rate it can be purchased. To show the rcsults of the breaking of the sewer pipe trust we give list prices and present buying prices for a compirlson. List Present price. price. 6 Inch pipe 8 .:W .00 8 n .0!) 10 " " BS .18 18 ' " 1.70 .34 20 " " 2.2", .45 24 " ' 3.25 .05 These are just one-half the prices upon . which Prof. Greene based bis figures, thus reducing the cost below the $20,000. But no one knows how long it wil] be before another combination is formed to put np the price to the oíd figures. We need sewers terribly and immcdiately. Something must be done now, or some other pro.lect may come up of a plan to involve $100.000 for another system. It is not safe to delay a nmch needed i m pro vemen t.


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