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Sugar And Wool

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The following is taken from a Washington dispatch to the Detroit Tribune, published this a. in.: Representativo Allen this morning, In conjunction wlth nlne otlier representatives ofnorth-western states and territorie?, were before the committee on tariflf and advocated a radical downward cut in sugar and a radical elevation of the wool ehedule. Asked why this doublé back-action cut was advocated, Mr. Allen responded to the effect that native sugar growing had dwindled to such Inslgnificant proportions that a reduction of the tariff on foreign sugar became a necessity in order that that commodity might be cheapened to consumera. When It carne to wool, that was a rapidly growing industry in which larsre sums of money were invested in the United States, and it needed protectlon for the present at least. Representative Allen Las prepnred a bilí which he will present at the first opportunity attaching the weather signal service bureau to the agricultural department in order that the fctrraers may receive prompt infurmution as to the state of the weather. As the new pension agent is to be nppointed within the next fortnight the several candidatos are lmstling. Qavett, of Grand Rapids, probably had the strongest backiug, but the sentiment that it should be glven to an ex-soldier who had been maimed by loss of leg or arm has been growing so mucli that it will probably put him out of the field. Among the otliers Col. O. A. Janes, of Hillsdale, has perhaps the Icad. He is efficiënt, and the workers of this district want to see hlm selected. Two more prominent military leaders have passed over to the silent mnjority within the past week. The noted Indian flghter, Gen. Crook, and Gen. Robt. H. Schenck.


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