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.. lioalu relnrtied from .u Sfort last Frlday. Fred Hubbard is home from Washington for ft few days. Mrs. Cooley and daughtcr, Miss May, accompanv Judge Cooley south. Isaac KIn?, who recently removed to Jackson, was in the city over Sunday. Rev. S. T. Breed attended a meeting of the Congregational Club at Detroit yesterday. Endene Wetinnre stopped over Sunday with his brother-in-law, Qeo. W. Millen. W. E. Chandler, lit. '82. is county superintendent of schools at West Superior, Wis. Rev. W. S. Studley returned Thursday from hi9 Denver trip reporting a pleasant time. Mrs. Levi D. Is nurslng a badly sprained ankle. Fred Schmid wbo lias been ill for Ihe past ten days or two weeks expects to be out again soon. Mr. and Mrs. George A. Pulcipher and children, of Toledo, spent Sunday with Mr. Pulcipher's father, in the 5th ward. Among the visitors the past week has been J. K. Wyman, of New York City, who bas been looking after his nterests here. Mr. and Mrs. Judge Cooley left for the South again Saturday, to rema) n until settled weather will permit the Judge to return home. Lyman D. James, postmaster of WilHamsburg, Mass., has been in the city during the past week, looking after hls interests here. Rev. Wm. George, formerly living in this city and Dexter is preaching at.'ALlendale, N. J. He bas recently been given the title of D. ü. Deputy County Clerk Arthur Brovvn bas been on the sick list for a day or two, but his pleasant face is to be soen in its acenstomed place once more. Frank Bannister, of Owosso, a former Ann Arbor boy, was in the city last Friday. Called here by the death of his little niece, Bessie Winslow. Araong the speakers of note at the St. Patrick's Day banquet at Adrián -was John V. Slieehan, Esq., of tliis city, who responded in a most admirable marnier to "the Day we Celébrate." Frank E. Lansing, of Howell. "an old 20tb Michigan boy,1' and formerly of this city, was a welcome visitor at the Courier office this ( Wednesday)inorning. Fruiik does not grow fleshy; bnt be is good natured and a warm fiiend just the same. The world's fair lias been postponeil to 1S93, bm Chicago will hold the plum. An exchange suggesta tlmt John L. Sullivan be turned into a ring with a four-year-old buil. Would that not be cruelty to animáis? Owino; to long continued illness, S. V. R. 'f rowbridge bas restened hls posiüon as attorney general of the state, Gov. Luce has accepted t'ie reairnation and appointed Bej. VV. Huston, of Vassar, in bis place. There is a U-rritilo uprisinfr uuoug the tudenta of all the universities of Russia against tlie tyranny of the jroveruing power., 'l'his means a fresh lot of prisoners for the fearful hovels of Kara. How long can Russia practico lliese fearful crimes against humanity ? Tlie followlng dispatch is taken from Tuesday's Detroit Tribune: "Representa" tive C.iriuth, of Kentueky, sald: 'Michigan seems to be CApturiug bonors of the home tlii sentón. Either O'Dop. nell, Allen or Burrows rs Tu lllë Cliair when Speaker Reed is not, and I must say that they fill the position remarkably well.' " The two rt'pub'icans eïected to the United States senf.te from Montana will take tbelr seats in that body. After thoronghly dttcoaslng and dissectln; the returns from the famous - or Infamóos - Silver Bow district, where every miner was voted regardless of citi.enship, or anything else, no otber rrsult ongbt to be expected. Congresötnan Allen's resolution relativa to the tunnel at Detroit pa'ssed the House unanimously Moiulay rnorninr, and flfteen minutes later was sent to the Sen ate. l'his resolution culis for an exhaustive nvestigation of the matter by a competent board of engineers. The Senatc immediately passed the resolution. Our epresentative is to be congratulated on lis good fortune ir. this sensible movement.- Adrián Times. Last, week a burglar sliot a pol leeman to death in Detroit. Tlie Detroit papers pulnt ollas the resul t of punUhlng rnurder by lmprisonmcnt. Yet the Hame week, a C1Ucago thlef mortal ly wounded one pollceman, Bhot auother twlce In tbe face, put a ballet throueh tbe arm ot a printer and shot at auother printer who was chasing lilm, bul he was flnally captured. Now they bang fur murder in I lliimis, yet this scoundrel seemed to hold life very llulaly in the face of the glbbet from whlch he must dangle. Heie's a chance for our esteemed contemporarv, tlie Free Press, to eet out of a hole and sbow how hanging deters men from criino.- Adrlau Press. There are other pupers in tliu Stato, also, that might crack nut between thelr teetli to good advantage.


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