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Tlic Alplia Tau Omegas have Jolned , the Chronicle f orce. Dr. Burrows, formerly Dr. Carrow'8 ( assislant, hns gone to East Ssglnaw to lócate. The last Chrouicle has a blographical sketch of tlie very popular Prof. M. E. Cooley. E. L. Miller will manage tlie base ball nine thls season. The assoclatlon now has $400 in treasury. The base buil and athleüc assoeiation expect to occupy the new f;ir grounds for thelr frames tliis season. Prof. Hinsdale is attending a state teacher's institute at Holland, Ottawa ('o., th!s week, he belng the conductor. The authorities at the Uiiiversity of Wscon6u have asked Jiulge Cooley to deliver the annual commencementaddress before that instltution. W. Teis Smith, of St. Paul, lit. '87, was In town over Sunday with fraternity friends. He is prospering well in the law and is now east on a large case. The Glee Club concert at Ypsilanti was & great success. After tlie entertainment the Light Guartls tendered the club i complinientnry banquet, which all enjoyed. "I am speaklng," said a senior in debate, " for the benefit of posterity." "Yes," said a wearied opponent, "and your audience will be here it yon keep on much longer." The Glee and Banjo Clubs will sing at Winona Minn., April lGth; at Hadison, Wisconsin, 17th; Aurora, 111., 18th; Cliicago, 19th; Pullman, 21at; at Ann Arbor Friday, April 25th. The Glee Club had a splenclid amlicnee at Detroit Monday evening, the Detroit theatre being crowded with listenerr, and thedaily papers devoted much space to the entertainment. An cflbrt is being made by the secretary of the Board of Trusttees of Vanderbilt University to secure the funds to erect on the campus a statue of Commodore Y:inderbilt, the founder of the university. A new Methodist college, lo be known as the University the Northwest, has been started at Sioux City, Ia. $300,000 has been givcn to the endowment fund In addition to valuable land for the buildings. The New York Alumni of BroWD aie raising a $100,000 fund which will bear the name of Prof. John L. Lincoln. Although the scheme bas been on foot for only two months, 30,000 are already pledged. Ttie University of VVisconsin Glee and Banjo Clubs will be at University Huil, on Saturday evenlng, April Gth. It is one of the best clubs of the kind in the unión, and our people can couut on havIng a right joyful time. By the will of the late Gov. Englleh, of New Haven, the Sheffleld Scientilic School receives $20,000 to found a profS8orship in mathcmatics.and the university library receives $5,000. Gov. English left an estáte valued at over $2,000,000. Funds to the amount of over one milllon two hundred thousand dollars are held in trust by Harvard University, for the benefit of deserving students with limited means. The income of these funda for theyearlS00-91 will amount to about ten thousand dollars. Mr. Simon Yandes's addilional gift of $50,000 to YVubasl. College, at Crawfordsville, Ind., makes the aggregate amount of hts giits to that itistitution $100,000. Excepting the DePauw beauest to the university bearing his name, this is the lareest gift for educational purposes made by any cuisnn of Indiana. Only three montlis remaiñ in wnieu the new Baptist University, at Chicago, raay secure the $120,000 still needed to make Mr. John D. Rockcfeller's proposed gift of $600,000 available. Hia offer, as well as that of Marshall Field, to dónate a site, is conditional on the Mising of $400,000 from other sourccs before June 15 next. An interesting oratorical contest 3 to be held in the law lecturc room, Saturday evening. The students who particípate will orate as follows: The Political Conscience, by W. H. Nichols; The "Manifest Destiny" of Prohibition, by C. V. Nafe; The Sophistry of the Liqucr Revenue, by J. F. Buckner The Necessity of a New Political Party, by E. F. Van Vechten; Prohibition as a Forcé, by W. E. Goddard. The well-known Chequamegon orchestra will furnish music. The following description of the " Knowing College Boy," tliough it may apply to some colleges, and some college seniors, cettainly does not appl y to vcry many in this Universitj', thnugb there may be a few whom the coat will lit : College days are a royal phase oí life. the purpleund gold hung vestibule to a log cabin; au experience tlirougli wliicli ouly fortuuate youthu may pass. Hope is high and the couquered world lies prone at the leet of tlio senior. He Is rolllcUlng, gay, irresponslble. Hls debU are paid by a uiaybeard wliose dreams liave vanlshed and who grumbles at the high prlee of the llagon of wiue held to the lips of youth. He Is Irreverent. Ho belleveH In everytiilng, bul does nottake off his sandals at the gate ui' wisdom. He carrles an orrlllamme and sounds hls own praises. He Is ricb, but crude, and carrles the stamp of no mint. Itlsapolnt of honor with hlm to turn out as far as posslble from the pattern uaranteed In the prospectus. Heknowsfar more than the books cauteach, and is alwaya sntertaluiDg. Programme for the oratorical contcst of the senior law class, at University hall, Friday evening, March 2S: Conrad Wolf Indiana Byron. E. Flnley Johnson Oiiio The Self Conqueror. Anthony M. Crafton Illinois The Progression ol Equalilyi Albert E. (Jebhardt Michigan Tbs Electlve Franchise. MUÖlC. HlrainU. Davls ...Michlgun Ballot Keform. Edgar E. atone Ohlo Immigrallou, a Flea for lts Uealrlcllon. John B. Chaddock Michigan A Moble Herltuue. Richard J. Mlllard .Illlnoia iiome America. Music will be furnisbed by tbe ('hcquamcRona. Judge Kinne, Prof. D'Ooge and Rev. Gelston, will act ns Judges.


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