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Trom usïng for Couglis, Coltls, Sore Throat aud Incipieut Lung Troubles It is pleasant to tiie taste and will cure the most obstinate cold. Frepared by FLEMI1T&BE0S., PITTSBUEGH. Sold by all dnig.ists at 25 ceats per bottle, Iusist ou having it. CARTER'SI CURE Sick ncadarho and rcliovo all tbo troubles incident to a bilioua state of tho systom, puch os Dizzincss, Nausea, Drowsiaos, Distraía aftor eating. Pair. in the Sido, fcc. Whilo thoirmost remarkable succeas bas boen shown iu uuriug SICK Üeadactio, yet Carter's Littlo Livor Pilla ara cqually valuablo iu Constipation. caitng and prevcnting tbisannoyiugcor.iplaint.wliilo they alao corroctftHtliBorderaüfthoBtomach.stiniulatotho livor and regulato the bowels. Even if they only HEAD Acho they woul d bo almost pricoless to thoso who fiuCfor f rom this distrcssiug coiniilaiut; biflfortuEately thcirgoodnesadocs notoud hcro.and thoso whooncetry thom will flnd theso littlo pills valuablo in eomany waysthat thoy will not bo willing to do without them. But af ter allsick hoatl ACHE Is tho bane or so niany livos that here is here we malie ojirercatboast. Our pille cura itwhile othcra do not. Carteas Little Liver Pilla aro vcry Rmall and vr tv easy to tako. Oue or two pills mako a doso. They arostrictly vivotablo and do not gripe or purnc, butby their gentío action ple.iseall who uso them. Invial3at25cents; flvofor$l. Sold by droguista ovorywherö, or sent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALLPILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE If You Have CONSUMPTION COUGHorCOLD BRONCHITIS Throat Affection SCROFULA WastingofFlesli Or any Vísense trfwre tJte Threat and Zung ara Inflamen, Zac7i of Strcnglh or Xerv rower, you can be rellcved and Cxired by SOOTT'S EMULSIÓN OF PURE COD LIVER OIL Wltn HypopHosphltes. PALATABLE AS MILK. AsUfor Scott'B Emulsión, and let no explanatton or tolleilatlon, induce yon fa accept a eubttitute, Sold by all Drugglsts. 8COTT & BOWNE.Chemlste, N.Y. To cure Biliousness, Sick Headache, Constipation, Malaria, Livcr Complaints, tako the safo and certain remedy, SMITH'S BILE BEANS Use the SM ALE. Sire (40 littlc Beans to tho bOttle). THBT AHE THE MOST CONVENIENT. Siritablo tor all Age. Prlce of clthor sizc. 25o. per Bottle. ViOCIUA"T 17 7n"PH0T0BRVURE INXInlBJATl-l'-'U PANEL BIZE. U% I W %9 1 1 1U MailcJ for 4 ets. opper or stsrnp!. J.F.SMITH&CO.Matcrsor-EILÜBEANS.ST. LOUIS MO. Jilortgage Sale. DEFAULT HAVING BEEN MADE IN THS conditions of a certaln mortgagccxecuted hy Cbancey W. Riges to Rowana Rigys, daled the 9th day of February, A. D. 1880, and recorded in tbe oflice of the Register of Deeds for Ihe C'onnty of Washtenaw and State of Michigan, on the 8th day of Ocioher, 1880, in Liber 53 or Mortgaces on page 652, ar.d which eald mortgage was duly aggigi.ed hy deed of assignment, by the 6aid Rowann Biggf, mortgagee, to Clara II. Riges, jn the 18th day of April, 18-5, which eaid assigument of sald mortgagc is recorded in the office of the Register of Decds In eaid County of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan in Liber 8 of Aasignment of Mortt.'ngcp, on page 472, by wbich eaid default the iower of eale contained in said mortgage bas become operativeand no suit or proceeding;, in law or equity, having been lnstituted to recover the debt secured by paúl mortgáge, or any part thereof, and the pum of è'275.00, at the date of thi notie1., bein; cliimed to be due on said mortgage, notice is therefore hereby given that eaid moi tguge will be forcclosed, by a sale of the mortgaged prcm:8es thcrein dcecribed, or eotne part thereof, and that tbe premisos are deacribed in eaid mortiïairc as followe, to-wit : All tha certain i:iece or parcel of land tltaated in the ïownïhlp of Sylvan in the County of Washtenaw and State of Michigan, and described as follows, to-wit: The south cast quarter (i) of the Hinith-east qnarter of ecction tuirty-one in townehip number two south in range three eat, at public vendne on tbe lSth day of May, 1890, at noon of said day, at the north front door of the Conrt Honee in tbe City of Ann Arbor, in sald County; That being the place of holding the Circuit Court in said County. Dated Feb. llth, 189'. CLARA II. RTGGS, A. 3. Sawteh, Aeeiguee for th Mortgagee, Att'y for Asïignec. Kowana liigsa. Real Estáte For Sale. QTATKOF MICHIGAN, conníyol In ihe Matter oí the estáte of David W. Noyes, deceased. Notlce Ís hereby glven, that Ín pursuance of nn ordftr eranted to the uudersiijned Exucutor of the lat Wlll and Testament of sald deceaeed. by tlie 1Iiii. .ludge of Probate for the County of Waehtcnaw, on Uie eleventh day of Marcb, A. I). 1890, ihore wlll bo eold at Public Vcndue, to the highetjt bidder, at the dwelling house on tbe premlses bclow the townnhlp of Ann Arbor, in the (Jounty of Washteuaw, in said State, on Tuceday, the twenty-ninth (20) day of April, A. D. 1880, at ten o'clock m theforenoon of thatday,(enbject to all encumbrancea by mortgage orotlierwlee L'ïisllns; at the time of the death of sald deceaeed; the following deecrlbed iieal üötate, to-wlt: Lcits Number Seventeen and Elshteen, according to the plat of the subdivisión, of the Squth-EflHt Qnarter ot'Section Ninetecn, Town Two (2), South lin?eSix(fi), East (Ann Arbor) In the State ot Michigan, aa recorded in the Regluter's office o' Wasbtenaw County, in Libcr M. of Deeds, ou pi;i 271, eontainins tour and sixtj-lour lmndridih acres, more ur 1086 MIC1IAEL J. NOYES, March Uth, 189D. Executor. Nolico of Altachment. TUK CIUCUIT COURT for Ihe C'ouuty of Waehtenaw. Henrt L. Kesdkick ] and Fkani A. Piucit [ n AHacTunent. OX.NEY O. PSBBY. J Notico libcreby stlven, Ihat on the 21t day of Fcbruary, A. D. 1S90, a wrlt of aitachiuont. was duly iMned, ont of tho Ctrcnlt Court for the (,'ouuty of Waabtenaw, at the uit of IU-nry I. Kendrick and Frank A. lcrccy. t!ie above iia.nctl piaintlff', aalcst tho lands and teoeincnta. goods aud chattuls, inoncya and cftV'cts of oluey Q Porry, tltc deftuid;iiit above named, for the eum of two hundred and elghty-fivc dollars. Whlcl Baid wrlt was rcturnable on Taenday the 4th day of March, ÏS'JO. 'f nat thu proporty ofsald der. ndaut bas been seied u)on iaid wrlr, and thai be, the said dcfcndant, 18 requlred to appear anc defend 8aid euit, accordlng to tac rules and prácticos of eaid Court. Dated March 2Oth, A. D.. 1890. A. .1. SAWYER, Cl! Attorucy for l'lalntirlV


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