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The Firm Of John F. Plummer & Co. The Opening Meeting Of The

The Firm Of John F. Plummer & Co. The Opening Meeting Of The image
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of Isew ïork, Wholesale ary-Kooüs dealers, failod on the I9th f Of f1,000,0001 The heavlest snow-atorm of the se.v ■on provailod on Oio lilth in New York City and vloinity. James S. Kennedy', Jn., for eight yoars foreign money-order clerk in the San Francisco post-offloe, w;is arres ted on the I9lh tor embezzltnjf $30,000. A mkteor welghing Bevoral hundred pounds fpll on the I9th ten miles northwest of Gainesyille, Tex. It had the apppariuu-i' of a gifrantio (lint rock. The total collections of internal revenue during Hip Mrst cight months of tho fiscal year enting June 00, 1890, woro S8i),8'J'J,0l1, Ixing an increase ol $6,45S,S00 as comparod witli tho collections during tlio correspondingf period of the last tlscal year. The Newark, tho last of the throe steel cruisors built for the Government by Cramp & Sons, of l'hilacle'.phia, was successfully launched on the l'.'th. Thomas Vaxdkvkkk 's saw-mill at Brookfleld, Ind., was blowm up by dynamite and completoly wrocked on the l'Jth. Tho porpotrator was unknown. A firf, broke out in the (iermania mine at Hurloy, Wis., on tho 19th, and flve miners were burned to doath. The property loss was over SIOO.000. Miss Jf.ssik Wiiiti"., a lovely ffirl of 20 years, shot horself in Joliet, 111., on the 19th, dylng instantly. She had hoen troubled during tho last threo years by an anonymous writer'a throatening hor and otherwiso annoying her. Bkxjamix (HEWicr, was lynched on the 20th at Robinson Station, Ky., by farmers whom he had defraudad by the uso of bogus checks. Advioes of the 20th from the Flambeau Indian reservation in Northorn Wisconsin report an alarming scarcity of food, and that thoro was great suffering among tho Indiaas there. Hoi! Cloud, an Indian at tho Standing Rock (N. ü.) agency, killed a squaw named Julia on the 80th because she would not live with him. shot doad her father, known as Irish Miko, and then took his own life. The work of distributing provisions and supplios among thedestituto minora at. Wil lí"psbnrrp_ l:t.. vvn arji'plv inm. and supplips among thedestituto minora at W'ilkesbarre, I'a., was actively commenced on the '20th. . A stranüku made tho acquaintance of J. L. Steri'Ott, of Nterrettania, Va., on a train on tho 20th, and at Cleveland, O., snatched a purso containing S'2,300 and escaped, leaving Mr. Storrettponniless. At Westport, Conn., Annio Loveric and Mamie McDermott fought with bare knuckles on the 20th, the rosult of a quarrel about a young man. Miss Loveric won tho battle. It was stated on tho 20th that over 200 moonshiners, with over 100 illicit stills, had established a fortified camp in Franklin County, Va., and openly defled the authorities. Ti.MOTiiY VVrSEMAiT, aged 12 years, shot and killed liortio Polhamns, aged 11 years, at .loliet, 111., on tho 20th during a quarrel ovor a gaine of marbles. A STATE conference of Iowa Republicans who favor a moditication of the liquor lawa will bo held April 2 in Uos Moinos. A GENEBAL raid against tho sellers of liquors in Indian Territory was commenced on the 'JOth by United States Marshal Walker. Tuf. Minnesota encampment, G. A. It., at Minnoapolis on the 20th elected James Compton, of lerj,ri;s l'alls, Del artment Commander. Tuk town of Alexis 111., was nearly ruined by ftre on the 20th. THE believen in a man named George Jacob Schwelnfurth, who claims to be Christ roincarnated, assembled on tho 20th near Rock ford, UI., for a ten days' meeting. Thk Asa Clothler dairy barn. togothor with twelve hiad of fine cons, was destroyod by flro o:i the aoth at Decatur, 111. Two BLOCKS of buildings in La Villa, a suburb of .lacksonville, Fla., wero burned on tho 20th. Loss, $125,000. The Cataract Hotel at Niágara Falls, N. Y., ono of the largest and most hlstorical hotels in fía Ststo; was solcl on the 20th to Mrs. Peter A. Porter for $101,000. FlYE persons were külcd on tho 21st in a collision on tho Midland road near Hancock, N. Y. President Ciiiuux, of the Reading road, announced on tho 21st that no person wou ld be employod by his cempany who usod liquor or visited drinking saloons. PUNCE Sattxdbbs (colored) was hanged on the 21st at Plaquemine, La., for the murder of Rhody Walker, and Edmond Nicholas (colored) wasexecuted at Franklin, La., for killing a young girl. The schooner II. Duncan, of Gloucester, Mass., lost six men during a storm on the 21st at Brown's bank. Robert Moski.v (colored) was hanged on tho 21st by lynehors near Huntsvillo, Ala., for an attemptod outrago on Mis3 Ellen Austin. Statistician Dodoe in his March report on the iilst to the Agricultural Department says the impoverished condition of American farmers is due to ovorproduction. Charles h. Colbv resigned on tho Sist as president of the Wisconsin Central road and was succeeded by E. Abbott. Theue were 200 business failures in tho United States during the soven day3 ended on the 21st, against 209 tho previous seven days. Tho total of failures in the United States January 1 to date is 3,167, a;ainst 3,388 in ISS'J. Goverxok TiiAYEH donied on tho 21st that there was destitution among farmers in Western Nebraska. At Leightox, Pa., on tho 21st Webster Campbell accidentally shot and killed his sweotheart, Cornelia Hiskey, agod 16 years. The New York Court of Appeals decided on the 21st that the law providing for the execution of crimináis by eleotricity is constitutional. Reports from evory part of the country on the 21st representod trado as fairly satisfactory. The body of II. W. Longley, a prominent merchant of Dayton, Ky., was found in tho rivfr twonty miles below Cincinnati on the 'Jlst. llo had boen missing since Fcbruary 3. furth t-onVcntiön was held near Rocktord, 111.. on the -21st, an.d in bis sertnon Schwoinftn'th clnimed tz.nt a È-year-old boy had dfed a slmrt tiiuft ujío and tliat he had rostored the lad to lf ;md h(;alth by the layinjt on of bands. Ir vis dlscovered un the 3i8t that largo inimliíi's of Cbidese had orosaed the Detroit rlver into the States, and that there was an oranized band of Chinóse smugglers in Detroit.


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