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Scaly SkinDisaases PfiorlaMlM 5 car, covering faoe, Iiead anit entlre body wlih white Meaba Mkin red, Hrhy. and bleeding. llalr all sime. Snent IiiiikI rcilH l Dollarx l'ri mini imu-ulili'. un U by Cutlcura Remedies. Curod by Cuticura. My dÍHcasi' i p?orinsis) first broke out on inj lelt cheek, fpmidiutf across my none, and aimom covering my t'uc. It ran lulo my eyes, and the pliysician wan afra ld I wouid lone my eyetigh altog tliiT. It spread all over my head, and my halr all lell out, untit I was entircly bald-headed ; Itthcn broke out un my arma and i-hotilder, nnri my arma were just onc sore. It covered my entire bfdy, my face, he.-id, and shonldcra befng tbe worst. The wtilte ecahe feil conetautly from my head, shouldcrg, and ; the ekin wouid tliicken and be rd and very itchy, and woald crack am', bloed il scratched. Atter spendln many hundreds of dollars, I was pronounced incurable. I heard of the OuncuitA Hkmeihks, and after uuim; two boiih'H i' iniritA Kicmu.vknt, I couldoce achante and aftiT I had taken four bottlce, I waa alinost en red ; and when I had ued pix bottles of CurrcUka Kesolvknt and one box of Cuticuba, and tint case of Cuticuba Soap, I was cured of the dreadful dlsease from which I had suffered for flve yeaie. I thought ihe dUeane wouid leave a very deep (car, but the Cuticuha Kexkdxks cured it without any scare. i caunot expreeu with a pen what I suffered before neing the Cuticura Hkmkdieö. They eaved my life, and I feel it my duty to recommtmd them. My hairls restored as t?ood ae rvt-r, and eo ie my eyesipht. I know of others who have received great bt'nflt from toeir ase. Mus. ROSA KELLY. Kockwell City. Iowa. Cuticura Resolvent The new Illood and Skin Purifler and pureot and frest ofHuTor Remedies, interually, and Cuticuka, Hic urcnt Skin Cure, and Cuticuiia Soap, an exqtiiBÍtc Skin Beautifler, externally. have cured :houeands of cásea whcre the sheudlng of eciiles neasured a qnart daily. the skin cracked, bleodint;, )urninf, and iichin almoet beyond hum.-tii endur mee, hair lirek-as or all gone, sutTerlncr terrible. What other icinedies have made Buch cure f Sold evcrywhere. Price Cuticuka, 50c; Soap, 55c.: Kksolvknt, 81. Prepared by the Pottkr Dhuo and ChkmicalCorporation, Buatün. Í3& Seud l'or " How lo Cure Skin DiBeaaes," W pafíus, 50 illustrations, and 100 testimoniáis. 3 lUIPLES, black heads, red,rongh,chapped,nnd 11 IVI oily ekio prevented by Cuticuba Soap. fi L IT STOPS THE PAIN. BF Backache, kldney pains, wenkniwe, BjSy rluuiuatism and mancillar gmiua rejTnr lleved In one minute ly the F 41 ('ulloiira Auti-Paln IMa.Itr. The flret and ouly lns tantaneoua plukllltDg plaater.


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