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T ... UTERATURE fOR ALL. Tho America Puotectivk Tafifp ],:■ i to pubftching h mo-.t vahiable series oJ Tadff (lo'-uiiHiits. Tbeee are prepttred witfa i view to state the facts and anruinnits for Protóotion, wbethur in the inierest of farmers, laborera, mere hun ts or professional tncu. Kuch issue of the series uppeiüs to those on(iuifcd in sen rute Induatiie?,ndpre;iit8Índisputuble i acts - corapftrisms of wageecost of liviníf, and other argumenta sliowing the beuetits of l'rotection. Any single one will be pent on reoeipt of 2 centa in stamps exoept " Wages, Living aud THriff." whieli will bosont for 4 cents. The w hole lit will N' sent for 30 oenta or üny twi'lve for Kü o Qte, or any iive for 10 cents, [KBKlSu [&U1. Order by number. No. Paoes. l-"VaKv, I.:-. ! ' ailfr." K. A. IIaktsHuu. 104 2- "The a..,..i ín l'roteotlve Tarlir to tlie LfUjur .. . . lu.scricü of the Uuited Staies." i-ii.ii : . ,.e, 1687. CrawFiItl) l). BSHMMU S2 S - ' Home Frouutioii ludl&pcnsftble tí) a feupply, at Low iJrlct, of tli Mauufactunnl Commudltifs nquircrl for the i eople of the l.'uitt'il StiiU s, iiml Adequate Hume Producción of tlieso Commoditlea Impissible without a Prutectlvc TarUT." brirt Prlze Essay, 1S8S. C. D. Toud 32 4- "WhatareKaw Maurials ? VSTouiU Freo Ra w jíiauTiais ue Auaiii.ageiu.-s i-n uil jjiuor and Industries of tibe Unlted sjatcs." First I'rlze Esaay, 1869. HoMuit B. Dibkij, 32 5_ "Fallacles ofFree-Trade." E. Jb Milleii... 3 Ö- " Some Views ou the Tatiff by an Oíd üilsíuessMan." Gko. Dhatkh S2 7_"The Frotective Tarilt : lts AdvaiitiiKCb for thOSOUm." C. L. KDWAHDS 83 8- "TheWool Interest." JudKe n. Law ukmi-: '4 y- "Vrotection vs. Kree-'lrutle."- A fühioricul Review. I). (. Hakiuman 20 10_" xhe Farmer and the iaríll" Col. TiiuaiAá H. Dudley 16 11- ■ FrotAH'tion as u l'ubllc Tolicy." Geoiuik a. llOUTWELL 16 12- "Repiy to the i resident': Fiee-Trade Álesaage." K. F. I'orticr 8 1'!- " W'orkingTiien and the Tariff." 8 11- "The Vital vuest Ion: ShalIAmerïeau luditstrles be Auainior.ed anti Amerlc;'u .Marketa Surrendered ? 8 ir. s;mit ni Uerniau, wlih Additiou 8 16- "The FroKres3 of ouo iiuuiired Years." ROBERT F. 1'OHTHt 8 17- "Protectlon for Amertoan shlppiuK." 8 18- 'TneTaritt NotáTax." Hohkhií. Dibbll.. 8 1- Why irLshineu ShouM 1 e Í'otetlouistá." 8 20- 'lrotectíou.'1 F.. II . Ammidows á 'I- ' What 18 a Tariff ? " Auswers to a Workiuf?inuu's Question 1 22- "The Amerk-an Wool Industry." E. 11. Amhiuown 8 23- "WaíPS and Coat of Living." D. Wkkks. á j-i- 'Southern FurmliiK Imlusipies." 4 ,'d- " A short Talk to orkiuineu." % ü- " i'iutectíon and theif'armer." büuutor S. il. CU LLOM 13 Tue Amkbicas Economist, weekly, devoteO to tne uso i.-hittn of ají phnsesof tl:e TnrílT questlon. ?'-í ayear Samplo cniJ bíthó. Addreía Amei lean Protectlye Tarta Lcacuc 2:i W. ií3d St., New Yurk.


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