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Mort gage Sale. WiiK.uEAS dcraiilt hm been made in the condi tlone of h ccrtftin m trigaf?c whereby the powur o1 sale iherelu contalncd has become peratlve, i-xe cutcd by Ge rge K. Biercc and Nettie Hierce. hls wife, of the lownshtp oí tjylvan, Waphtnaw county, Mlch., mortg igor to Thomas Wilklnfiim of the name place, mortfiagee bearinir daie December let, A. IX 1881, ackuowledtred December 3d, A. D. 188Ï. and recorded In the otllce of the Keglter of Deeds for Washtenaw couniv, Michigan, on ihe 4th day of December, A. D. 1883, In Lilier 62 of Mortgages, on pago 811 ; whlch montage was ouly !i!i-iüiHt(l by sii'ul 'lhomas Wilkluson to Junlus K. Beal od ihe 3 1 day of December, A. D. 1883, which aréignment was recorded on December 4th, A. D. 1883, In üie Register of Deeds office lor the county of w ashtenaw. State of Michigan, in Llbcr 8 of Assignments of Moitgflges, on poge 164. On which mortgajc there ib clitlmed to be due at the date of thtj" notice the gum f ($t 50) thirty-flve imadred and flfty dollar!", and no actions or iroceedluKS at law or in equity have been lnatituted to recover the debt si-curea by said mortgigu or any part thereof. Notice In h reby givcn that by vlrtne of the power of sale cortaiued In eald mortgage and of the gtdtute in euch cases made and provtded, the said morti;a','e wlll be foreclused by sale oí the morg-.igod prcraliics therein descrlbed, which sale wilt ie made at. the went door of the court house. In the city of Ann Arbor, in the county of Wai-htenaw. State of Michigan, that belnt; the place of holdlnt; the circuit conrt for sald county, at public aucilon, by the oheriffof nald couDty, on Satnrday the 19th day of April, v. D. 1M)I. at 1U o'clock in the ioreroon of eaid day, to s itiefy the amount which fhall tlien be due on said mortKagc. 'J he premiíea decribud iu eatd morigige to be sold a nbove speciñed are : The west hall of Ihe norihwest quarler of sectlon 14, also the south sixty acres of the east half of Ihe nortbeaet quarter of section 15, belns; all that part of :iid lot thal Hes south of Mili Treek Ditch. running tbxoogb the same, alao a strip of land two rods wide along the east slde of the west half of the southwom quarter orsccilon 14, from the terriioilal road nortii of tho north line ol saul lot, all in the townshlp of Sylran, county of W'ashtenaw, Siate of Michigan. AS.V AKBOK, iliCh.. .1.1". II, 1890. JUNIUS E. BBAI-, Asslgnee. Sawtb cfc Knowltn, Attorneya. Mort gage Sale. DEFAULT HAVING BEEN MADE IN THE condittona of a ceriain innrtgage execnted by Levi Johnson and Mary Ann Johnson his wife, to I ChaneDu, dited ihe twcnty-thlrd dny of PebroaryA D. 18S1 and recorded n the fflce of the i Uegiarer of Deeds for the Connty of Washienaw Siate of Michigan on the twenty-uilrd day of Kebruary A. D. ItiSt in Liber ti" f montages on pnge i2, which said mortgnge wat duly aiirned bydecd of as'gum'iit by thi f md Chase Dow niorttfngeo to Kichard J. Zebbs on the t-iebt day of Uect-mber A. D. 1K8S which saiil'iit of said mortgage is i recordé in the ofllcc of ti. Kt'ïister of DeedJ fur (aid CouDty in l.iber ]0 of asigoments of mortpagea on ]án;; ICO, by vrh'cb :iid deiault the puwer of (lc coinrtiiie'i in Kid mongnge hae bcome operalve and no profediuge in luw ur tMiuity hav ine been insiituted to recover the dsbl secured by paid muf g g: or any part thèreof, and the siim of ! one hnndieii nnd ccv. nty dollars bcinK now ohimi! ed to be due on tuch raortg:ire. Notice is heriby glven that ihe f aid mortgxge will be fiircloíed by a sale of the mortg:it;ed r mtflQfl Iherein descrihed ortome vuti theroof ylz : Lot nnmber twonty-e'gbt and ihe north half of lot nuniher twunty-nine "1 Browaand Bach's Addition to the City of Ann ArI-or Warhtcnaw Joiinty Michisan aocordins to the remorded plat of said addition at public veiulue at the east door of the Court llonie in tlu city of Ann Arbor In f aid Connty Uhat beinK the plnce of holdltg the Circuit Court for said Countj) on ihe twenij-fourtn dny of April A. 1). 1S90 at ten o'c'ot-k in the forenoon of that dav, Dated January 2!rd, 1890. UIC'UAKU J ZEBBS. AM guee ol' Mortíragee. J. F. T,AWRBVCE, Atty. lor Asaifiiee. Mortgnge Sale. DEFAULT HAVIXd BEUN MADE IN THE conditione of a mortKagc exeiuted hy Everard 11. Morgan and Alice M. Morman, til wlfc, to J E. Beal Field, biaring date the Srd day of May A. D. 1884, and recordeü in the oftlce oi (tic Kegister of Deeds for Washtenrw County, M iohixu on the 3d day of May A. D. 1881 at 3 o'clock p. in. of that day, in Liber 81 of ïnorlBases on page 310, by which defmlt, the power of tale contained in said mortgage bectme operative, and no Buit or procceuings iu law or iquity havliifj been iuatituted to recover the debt secured bj said moneaste, or any part thereof, aud the sum of 12til.7i at the date of this uotice buiiig claimed to be due on said mortgage, and that at the date of sald mortcage the iull nsine of the Bald mortgiigee, was Juuius H. Beal 'ield; that after eaid mortgatse wa made aud executed, said murtgagee applied to tho Probate Conrt, for said Conuty of ashteiiuw, in writinir, in purüiiaixe of the statute in snch case made nd provided, aud on the 2Stn day of July A. IJ. ltSl, he obtained an order ol said Probate :onrt chan?ing his uamo from Junlus E. Beal Field to JuniiiB E. Beal, as In and by the records of said Probate Conrt In that matter, refereuce lieing thereto liad will more fully and at laree apptar. Now therefore notice i hereby given, that 8iiid mortgaKe will be loreclosed by a sale of tho mortKased prcmiseB tht-rein described, or gome part thureof, anti tüat the premises are deecribed in said morlgage as followa, towlt, all that certain plece or parcW of land situüted and being in theTownship of Pittslield, iu the Uounty of Wasbtenaw, and Mate of Michigan, deecribed as follows, towii: Bcgiuning at a point ín the west eide of aection numbur löur (4) in said Township ninteen (19) chuius and seventy-nlue (79) lluka from the northwest corner of sald secilnn line, thence north eighty-seveu (S7)degrees and flity (SO) minutes east türee (3) chaina aud thirty-six () links toa etake one cnain and twemy-seven ('J7) links from a cherry tree ten inches iu diameter, which beara south eighty-eeven (!7) digret-e west, thence soothtwo (2) degrece ast fifty-four (51) links, thence sonth eiKhty-uine (81) degrees and ten (10) minutes eagl siz IU) chaius aud eightj-i IkIu (nS) links to astaketbirtysix and a half (SG1 links from an apple tree nneen lnchcs iu aiameter, which beurs sonth twenty-eight (3S) degree west, tLence south siity-eight (o) degiees east ons chain aud eighiy-seven (87) links, thence eonth eighty-fonr (84) degrees east four chains und flfty-lour (M) links to the interaectlon of two ditches, tbeuce soutb sil (B) degrees east eleven (11) chains and twenty-two (22) links to the recognized east aud west quarter line thence west tue quarter line seventeuu (17) chains and twenty ('20) links to the recognizcd quarter stake, thence north on the section line thirteen (13) chains and ftlty (M) liuka lo the place of beginniug, containing twenty-one acres of land more or less, at public vendue, on Thursday the flrst day of May ÏSDO, at noon at the north front Boor of the Court House in the City of Ann Arhor, in said Conntv, that belug the place of bolding the Circuit Court iu paid County. i)Hted Jan. 29th A. I). 189D JUN1US E. BEAL, Moitgnge". Formerly Jimias E. Iteii Field. A, J. SiWYKK, Atty. lor Mortgagee. Cliancery Xutice. IN pursuanceond by vlrtne of a final order nnd decree of the circuit conri for the Connty of Waphtenaw, in Chanccry, In the State of Michigan, made. daied and entered oiï the twcrity-si'vtiitli day of May A. 1). lSifli, in a certaiu cauae iberein tendinj.' wherein Sediiwick Dean and llenry 8. Dean are complal nauta aud Uilen Merrilt and tüen Menitt are deieudanta. Notice ie hereby given that I ehall sell at public nuction to the bighest bidder at the east front door ol tbe conrt bouse (aaid front door lieinit tbc Fourth ulreet entrancc to sald court house) in tbe city of Anu Arbor in said Ocunty of Washtenaw and State of Michigan- said court bouse being; tbe place for holding the circuit court for taid couuiy- on Salurduy the nineteenth day of April A. L. 1890, at ten o'clock In the furenoon to ralsu amountduc to the said complainant for principal, interest and costa In thia cause, all of the rollowlDS described parcel of land mentioncd and set forth iu sald decree, to-wlt : All tbat curtain piece or parcel of land öituatc and being in llie townshtp of York in tbe County of Waahienaw and State of Michigan and described as follows, towit: Lot number Fcur in Gay's Plat of the Village of Milan on aection number Thirty-flve o( iaid township of York, satd townubip bt'ii.g Town numter Four wiuth in Range nutnber eix eaat, in accordunce with the terms of said decree. Dated Ann Arbor, Mlch.. Marcb 3d, 1S!K), PATRICK MoKEKNAN, Circuit Court Commiasioner in and for Washtunaw Coutty, Michigan. Z. P. Kcno, Sollcitor for Complainant. Estafe of Artlwr M. Potter and Henry It. Potter- Minors. STATE OF MICUIOAN, County of Wagbtenaw K. At a seseion ol Ihe Probate Court for the Counljr of Washtenaw, holden nt the Probate Office in tb city of Ann Arbor, on Mouday, the tcnth day ui March, in the year oue thousand eitrht bnodrwi and ninety. Present, J. Willurd Babbitt, Judi'e of Probate. In the m.itter of the cítate of Arthur M. Potter jinil Henry B. Potter, minore. NOMh W. chraviT, thegiinrdlon of paid wards, . comes IdU cinirt and representa that lic iy dow urepared tu render his annual üccuuih aeBtich ifllflr" dian. Therenpon it Is ordored, that Friday, the fourth day cf April next, at ten o'clock in tÜO forenoon be assiLriieil fr examluiiiR and allowlne euch account and that the next of kin of caid ward and all other interested in yaid MtatQAfGr1 quired toftpp6flrft1 BSdWlOD of flftld '-'ourt,then to be holden at the Probate Office in ttie city of Ann Arbor, in sld cciniity, and ihow canee, If nny Ihc-re bc.why the eaid account hould not be nllowed. And it is furthcr orderei! Ihat Kajd L'iu.rdinn glit notice to the persons intereeted in yaid ostftte, i' the pendency ot' aaid account and tbs hoaruig thereof, by CJUUing a copy of thls order to be pubHshed in the Ann Arbor Courier, a newspaper printed and circulatini; in aaid county, three tucceeaive weeks previmia to naid day of hearing. (Atruecopy.) J. VV1LLAKD BABBITT, Judtre of Probate WM. G. DOTY, Probate Reïleter.


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