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.M.%si.L; UIKEI TOin . A.KS Ariior ("iwïiviirnv, No. !" meets rtrst i'm-i-l.iv of eaob inoutn, ('. E. HLseock, E. C.; Joun R. Mluer, Recorder. HTA8HTBNAW OHAPTBB, No. 6, R. A. M.- ta Bral each raonth. J. L. Sioae, 11. P. Z. Roath, Seoretary. BUSINESS CARDS. D. A.MacLachlan,M. D. JIISK'.SKS O TIIK EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT. OFFÜJE ASD EESIBElfCE, 26 SOUTH IIVISIOH STBEET IluiTits: 1 t 1, aiu) 6:80 to7:80 I'. K. VOGEL &"KIËIIT IlíALKI: IX AI.L KINDS OP FRESH AND SALT MSATS Pjttl(ij, 1 ,'ir-i , EVERYT1 [ING NEAT and CLEAN j Ho. O K. Awn Wt., Aun A rlior. W. XV. NICHOLS, DE1TT1ST. Kooms Over Ann Arbor Savinus Bank, Court Huso Square. VZTALXZED AIR Adminletered. It ie airreeablc and eawy to take, and no proBtratlng enecti follow, whlie tecth are extrdetod without pain. WILMin IIERZ, House, Bign Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! Hapering, Glazing; Gildfug, and Calcimlnini?, and work of every dtirtcription dono in the beet utyle, and warrant ed to givu eatiefaclion. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St., Ann Arbor, ;dealkk in CLOTH CÁSKETS, METALIC Aud Ommon Cofflos. Calis nttented to Day or Nlglit. Krnbalmlng a speoialty. Stoteroom on E. Washington street. Keeidence Cor. Liberty and Kiftli. CAPITAL $50,000. SUBPLÏÏ3 $7,000. Adflitionai Liatilíties of Stockliolflers S5O,OOO. STATE OF MICHIGAN, ) HANKING I)KI'.I;TMKN'T, V Ofllce of the Comuiissiouers. J Wiierkas, by satlsfactory evldence preseuted to tlie undersined, it has been made 1 i ippear that the Farmer' and Mechanlcw thecity of nn Arbor, in theCounty of Wanhteaaw, State ot Michigan, hun complied wltb all the provisión of the General Banking Law of the Slate of Michigan required to ne complled wlth before a corporaiMin shan be authorlzed to con tinne the Im.-inessof Banking. Now therefure, I, Theodoro C. Rherwood, C'ommissioner of the State Banking Department, do hereby certlfy that by that the Farmen' ft HeobanlOB1 i;;uik, Hiiresxid, lsauthorlzed lo continue the business oí banking on providt-d Ld e Lbo d1 Hauking law of the 8tate of Michigan. [L. S.] In witness wherpof wilncs my hand and spa! of office at Lanüinu tlii.s 22d day of Juue, L889. t. c. sriERWoon, Coni. of the Banking Dept. The Farmers' & Meclanics' Bank hiivingilled thelr ccrtiflCAte with the State BaokiDg Department are now authorlzed to do business as ft S&ViDgs Hank, and lu purHimnce tliereof nave opeued a Savings Department! Interest allowed In the savIngR departraent on all deposita of ?1 and apwards, interest pald Jane lst and Dec. lat, ol eaoo year. TIk' savingsdepartment Is opon .Salurclay niKhts trom 7 imtil8 o'clock. Money to loan in gnnu of ISS to J5.000 seoored 6y anenoumbered real Mtate or approvid UOurltieS. DIRKCTOKS Riubrn Krnipf . CbiH, i. direene, B. Dufty, Aiii1i'ikc Kr■, Wm. '. Steveus, W. F. Kroalipy. J. K. Ui-al, Julm Bure, U. K. Scbuirer. K. KKIII'l', Pr'H. B. IHJKPY, Vlcc-Pre. i'. U. ni.i.-i it, Oasblnr J. J. GOODYEAR - ■ i f in II ..' '-1 ■ DRÜGGIST 11 wlll ba to your arivAiitage to cali upon liiiii before purchaHlng DRUGtS, CHEMICALS, MEWUCIJfES. PRESCRIPTIONS! accurately and carefully prepared by the most competent Pharmaclsts. The flneat line of eoods In all departnifii ( w, to be found in a drne tore. W, F, LOÜHOLZ IS OFFERING BABGAINS mm AXD - LOOK AT THEM 5 Ib. GDOD JAPAN TEA tl.OO 7 Bar LUM)!!V SOAP 5 BBST HICB. TBST OIL, per gal. O7 BEST WATKlt WHITE, ' O8 :t Can mu; i roMMiiKs M 3 Cana (iiom: kik r, YKLiIjOW li:. 'II KS, worth 25c per ('an, lor 18 PIK l'iowiir.w. per Can i :. PISE, mUXBD KOANTED CUKFKK, per 1 1 25 "OÜU BB.VIITÏ" NTIOKlNf. TOBACCOi per lb a BCVf II AKIMi POWJDKR, in 1 Ib. Cana, per lb 25 Ml i; ii CAISIV, per lb 10 ALL G00D3 FKSB AND WARRANTED! - IT WILL PAY YOU TO TRADE WITH -W W. F. LOOKOLZ, I J. llllülllttlV, AXN ARBOK. issa


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