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Sylvai) chsI 523 votes at the recent town meeting. At So. Lyon butler is quoted at 16c and egjjs at 10c. James C. Hiirrington, of Chclsca, dicd April Gtli, sified 80 yéarg. Pililo Paraons dieilat his home in Ypsilanli town, April S, iged 83. Ira Bnckiis will butld i new birn on his farm in Webster tliis spring. State Baptist Sumiiiy School at Ypsllanti to-morrow and next div. The republicana of So. Lyon scoped In the complete republiean ticket. Plant a tree and benefit the renerations to come. Albor Day is next Friduy. Mis. Thos. Murray, wlio lived near North Lake, dled April '2d, trom la grlppe. Mrs. Jenna I'ickell of Lyndon, dled April lst, anua 41 ycurs, of enlargement .i the Ueart. Miss Trena Staffim, of Clielfe'i, has located at Pii.ckney wilh h stock of tniliiiittry fooil. Many Dezter houíeholders aro dotng a good thing by planting t roes in front of tlieir premlses. The imported English Shire colt of Eugene Helber's, of Saline, 21 inonths old, weijihs 1350 lbs. Things were unusually qniet here oleetion day- and also " dry." Yes, very dry. - Dexter Leader. The ladies of the M. E. society at Dexter, have boujtbt 185 yards of new carpet for their ohurch. A?a Hndson, an old resident of So. Lyon, died April 8üi, aged 85 ycars. Ba ried at S ■ilcm. The steani shovel in the (frarel pit at Chelsea doesn't stoj) day or uiglit. lor nu ything bnt repairs. Abraham l{ow èged lí, son of John ltow of Pittsfidd, died recontly from the etleets of the grippe. Samuel Weet and Ed. Smal ley are two young men wlio have moved to So. Lyon to take positious in the furniture factory. The Saline Arl.elter Verein propose to celébrate Arbor Day by a general cleaning p of their grounds and planting of trees. Wirt Watte, wlfe and son of Colfax, Washington, are vipiling Mr. "Walte's people at Dexter, for the (irst time in eight years. The Sunday school convention held fit Hainhurji Simt Sundiiy was wHl ultended and an ail'air (hut was ol benefit to thuse present. The wheat on the ground whlch lias looked anything but encouraglnfr, beging f piek up nou-, and buis luir to be a íiae erop uftor all. Mis. Litia Ilamilton wltn iir ten childien spent a part of last week witli lier father and mother.- Worden Cor. of Ho. Jjj'on Picket. Peter Hendrick, 88 years oíd walked up to the 4lh ward polls at Vpsilantl last week Monday and voted as spry as a young mail of 30. Arthur and Endene Severance onder the firm name of Severance Brofl have bongtit the fjrocery and bazaar of W. H. Talcott of So. Lyon. The G. A. K. entertainment at Salem last Friday eve, netted the boys the neat sum of $10 which they donated to the 8. of Y. Camp here. - So. Lyon Picket. The horse market hereabouts is boonilng thls spring. If any of you outsider? want to buy "rood horses, Dexter s wliere fney can be found. - Dexter Leader. Miss Lizzie Stone wlll teach the spniijr term of school in the "Avery district," near S.dine. She successfully plloted the sfihool through the winter term also The ratlroad has heen the center of attraction the pact weck. íearly 200 men are at work here and at the gravel pit, and are more tlian making the dirt fly. - Dexter Leader. The children of St. James Episcopal Sunday School at Dexter, pive the churcli a full set of altar clothes and i stote of eleirantly embroidered green silU aa an Easter offering. Gabriel Freer had a faitliful oíd horse die last Monday, at the ae of 37 ycars. It ís said that he was tlie oldeít horse in the connty, if not the oldest in the state. - Chelsea Ilerald. According to the papers, empty houses in Howell and Plnckney are at a preiniiiin. We niay as well t'nll i" line by stating that there are hut very few in Brigbton at present. - Citizen. Matter PhII. Bacon found an old cartridge, one day this weck, and being an.vious to know what it wus made of, took n stone and hit it. He is now taking cate of a sore eye. - Chelsea Ilerald. We'll wajter a button that .Stuckbris'de has more one-eyed men in her official ranks tlmn any otlier township a the state. No wonder the demócrata won, "three of a kind" are al most a full hand. - Stock bridge Sun. Jacob Wuster committed Buiclde Tuesday inorning at the resiilence of Chris Forner, in Sylvan, by taking paris green, cuttinjr liis tliroat with a razor. and tlien shooting himself wlth a revolver. - Herild. Biund to get there, wasn't he? Another oíd Saline boy cllmblng the ladder of f'arae. Heginald Spokes was the republican nominee for mayor of the city of Ann Arbor. lie will not, however, be mayor tliis year - there were too many democrats in the city on Monday.- Obseryer. The Young Pcople's Scty of tlie M. E. church are planning for a ttower festi val to be held sometime In May. It i not expected to rival the Detriot flower Bhow, but promises to be an event that will I end anythlnc of the kind ever teen in tlii place. - Saline Observer. The best way to protnote the business interestsof our vülage is for all i lic paople reeidinj; In the vil laye and country tribu tary to it to patronize, so far as posslble, our business men. Don'tbuy on credit at home and wlien you have the cash (fO abroad. It may bc fan for you but It'l detitli toyour town. - Louilcr Xine new houtes ure alresdy prnmiaed for the summer in this Vlllage, and several more are in view. These are ihvellings, wliile there are to be many new barne and otber baildinge. We venture the predlctlon that at least 'M new buildings will bc added to our village before snow falls.- btockbridge Sun. Last week we referred to Mrs. Oberat's crocuses as opening April 1, but that record is beaten by those cultivated by MlM Mary McDougall who reports that hers were in tuit blooiu Marcli '3 this year and Marcli 24 last year. There's lots of sunliglit in Superior, but these Sunday working crocuaea were covered with snow the next day, and looked hke beautiful jewels in white.- Ypsilantiiin. A school teacher says tbat pupils who have acceas to newspapers at liome, when compared with thosc who liave nut, are botter readers, better spellers, better graniniarians, excellent in pronounciation and read more understaudinr)y, and obtain a partial knowledge of geography n al most half the time it requiies olheis. The newspapers are decidedly an important factor in modern lift'. - Ex. Tbcre are young glrls in tliïs town who smoke tobáceo cijjarettes. Por shaitie. Alas! wliat a fall from womanly ffrace, modesty and common decency is such a condition. It's deplorable and should be stopped. Be ladies in deeds instead of pretense, for the practice of using tobacco wlll eventually lay out a putinvay throuüfh I i fe, for a woman, that will be strewn witli a depth of mitery and sliame that only a bitter experieuce can realize, and which the scalding tears of repentance and sullering can never blot. out. rop where you are, giris, while yet you are pure and innocent, and by virtue of it conimand the love and respect of all. - Oxford Globe. The Ypsllantl Fair Assoclatlon Iins airead y cliciM-n date for i is next fall's oxhiultlon.and will start out with new olücers and new eneijry, every debt pald, and l'ully determtiied to muite tlie Ypsilanti Fair boom ugaln as of old. The entlre indebtedness of the AKSOClatlon lias been wlped out by tuibscrlptloiiB of the business men aud citlzens. - Ypsllautl Commercial. This will be news to several exhibitors up Uiis way who arestill waitingfor their last full's premiums. - Saline Obscrver. The stable of Mr. Loughbrldgc, in rear of tlie marble worUs, burned at about 3 o'clock thls mornin?, consuminga horse, several wagons, harnees, hay and oats, agSCregating $550, on which there was no insurance. The building must have been lired, and there is a probable relation bttweeo the lire and the blowing of J. 2S1. Bowland'a safe, which boonrred at about the same time. The safe-blowers secured 20 cents. - Ypsilantian. SALINE BHEABING FESTIVAL. From the Obfcrver we take the following account of the above event held at Suüne last week: The total number of sheep sliorn was 43, and the aggregate weight of thelr wool was 943 pouuds, an average of nearly 22} pounds for eacli sheep, fuily one-half ot which were ewes. The heaviest lleece ghorn was from a finir year old ram owned by G. L. Hoyt, and ita weight was 30 pounds, 10% ozs. A. A. Wood followed closely with a lleece from a live year old ram, which weighed 36JL pounds. The heaviest ewe's fleece was trom nn animal owned by N". H. Wood and wcirhed 28 pounds and 5 ounces, and Ira E. Woocl followed with one welghlng SGy pounds. a rcmarkably heavy fleece was taken from a yearling ewe owned by A. A. Wood, it weighing 18 pounds, a weight seklom equaled from an animal of tliat aue. C. K. Parsons and A. A Wood eaoli bad a yeuiilufi .. wKu!i sJieared close to :20 pounds. It is iinposaible for us to y, thé merlta of each individual animal or iheir fleeoe, buttiie readei can, by studyIngthe table gíven, compare tlie different pointa of merit. Quite a number of brceders from neb{hborÍDg poluta were present, nmoiig them Mr. Van Geison, ot Manchester; Mr. Smitli, of Ypsilttsti; VV. E. Boyden, of Delhi; E. E. Magg, of Dundee, and all pronounced it an unusu-üly fine dispbiy of Merinos. ö jï % g S s N mk OF - a g 2 a i í V l s a _ G. L. Hoyt i Ewe 218 2, "B i5s 1-ï m ir, Q L. Hoyt I Kwe 225 2' ! 3'M 2 1 2 20 10 (i. U Hoyt Ewe 221 2! 82 85rt 2 1-4 . . Wood iiwe UI 2 lUi .01 2 1-4 22 12 V. l', Wood Ewe!37 a 101 880 2 1-1 1 s (J. K Parsons Kwej 72 81 12 1-4 15 i 0. K, Farsons Kwe N. A. Wood Ewe 40 1 89 377 2 15 12 N. A. Wood Ewe Siö 8 182 8A4 2 1-4 28 5 N. A. Wood Ewe 86 2108 858 2 1-4 20 IS N. A. Wood Ewe 25 3 108 :S 1 3-4 1 7 N. A. Wood Kwe 32 2 89 362 2 1-4 22 3 N. A. Woud... .. Ewe I (J. Sluiw Ewe 32 2 74 335 2 19 4 f.C.Hbaw Ewe 29 2 84 3:i5 1 1 ■■ 1. Wood Ewe 3 61233ül2 23 4 AA Wood Ewe 452 1 81 SS02 1-2 18 9 s. H.rnttenden.. Ewe 44 1 70 898 2 1-8 12 18 B. R.Orlttenden.. Ewe 4i i 7885812 12 3 F.C. Wood ... EweSSO 4 94 3-)8 2 1-4 22 7 S. II. Crlttenden. Ewe 28 2 86 S5S 2 1-4 IS 8. a. Crltteuden. Ewe 41 1 80 353 a 1-4 11 7 F. C'. Wood Ewe 2 92 364 2 1-2 2 1 N. A. Wiiod Ram 42 1 85 373 J 13 4 O. W. Khaw Kam 2U0 2 18" 856 2 1-2 26 8 G. L. Hoyt Ram 1114 2 146 384 2 1-4 28 G. L. Hoyt Ram 154 4 174 364 2 1-2 ;{ 10 F. C. Wood Ram 361 2 135 364 " 29 8 NA. Wood Ham 128 2 133 358 " 2114 O. R. Parsons Ram 155 2 156 364 2 29 10 O, I í . l'arsoua,. . . . Kam 161 2 140 355 2 1-4 28 13 0. 11. Parsons Ram 162 2 123 3.55 2 1-2 24 U. H. Parsons Ram 149 2 125 350 2 1-4 23 C. K. Parsons Ram 157 2 184 364 2 1-3 23 4 N. A. Wood Ram ISS 3 178 361 2 :;; 1! N. A. Wood Kam 140 1 93 3782 15 C. 11. Parsons Ram 176 1 167 370,4 1-2 lï 7 A A. Wood Ram 525 51563644 36 4 1. O. Shaw Kam 110 3183 861(2 1-4 25 10 A. A. Wood Ram 878 1 107 375!4 l-4:llt 10 I. S. Wood Rara 359 2il40 3612 8-422 12 Q. Avery Ram 811 5 188 886 1-2 84 11 F. C. Wood Ram 358 2'l61S682 45 3 A. A. Wood Kam 374 2 144 352 1-1 81 6 A. A. Wood Ram 385 1108 380 2 18 15 A. A. Wood Kam 1 as 37j'2 1-4 18 2 Tne blank spaces in above table are due to the fact that not quite all animáis entered were shorn. In eeveral weights of fleecep, half ouuces are omitted. The general verdict of the breeders was that the sheep men of this section were not retrograding, and the future outlook was good for thoae that al roed for the top of the ladder.


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