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Are We Freer Than Russia?

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A Siberian Exile Petltlon Association has bccn formed wllh oílices at 1407 Locust st., Phlladelphla, Pa., for the purpose oL sending a monster petition to the Czar of Kussia signed by American men and women, calllnghlg attentlon to tlie eruelties praeticed on helpk-ss victims nnderwbatis known as the Biberlao exile system, and urgently invoking a revisión and reformation of that system. If any here are snfficiently interested to íortn an aixiliary society in Ain Arbor, or secure ñames, a blank petition nlready tbr signatures may be had at thls office. It is a work ín 'tbe e:uise of humanlty, and the only reward wlll be the consciousness of well doing. There is no doubt hut that there are many horrible thlngsdone In Siberia, but wo Imagine we hear hls Majesty, the Ozar say, when lie reads the petition: " Let me see. thls is from the land where they cali themeelvea freernen.where they boast that every man can belp to govern hy a free ballot. However, it seems os tbough I had heatd that tliey have quite a portion oí their own territory where a man daré not talk and vote uainst the wishes of tlie majority; where he is shot down, his honses and crops burned, bis family driven into the svvamps, and his property or business ruined, if lie tries to use his freedora, of whlch they all brag. It seems as though I saw in tlie papers about offlcera of the law, postmasters and sheriffs getting beateu and killed for tryinj; to do what tticir government bade them do. I am quite sure that meo are intimidated f rom voting there, or if they do brave deatb, that 'their ballots are thrown out criminally by men despera'.e to retain power. Now, we have always been good friencls, but I wonder why they do not lirst takeout the beam from their own eye beforc they botlicr tliemselves about a mote in the eye of a frtend the other side of the globe." The bluft' oíd Czir coukl sny that; then what could we say ? Well, we would have to turn it over to our Democratie friends to expíalo it. They are getting quite uccustonietl to apologiziDg for southern murder?, intiin'ulations, ballot-box frauds, run-away treasurers, etc. Probably they could smootb it oyer all riprht. So Íets go ahead with looking after llussla. But let us also see to it that before Alexander gets our petitlons we Iiave removed our own outrageous evils lid crimes against mankind.


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