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They Seated Their Man

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Last Tliiirsday cvening was the time set aiart by law for the canvassing of the returns for city officers, and there vva ii fnll board present ezcept Aid. Barkcr of the Oih ward. The room was fllled wlth spectator called there by a contcst for aldermnn in the 5th ward. In that ward Jas. 15 Sanndero, republican, was returned as liavinfr received 82 votes and Walter L Taylor, democrat, 82 votes. In sucl cases the statute provides that they slial draw cuta to determine who shall have the office. This Saunders was willing to do, but Taylor urged on by that emlncn barr!ster( ) the recent hite prosecuting at torney, proposed to have the seat any way. It appears that in counting the ballot in the 5tli ward the election board foum one too many ballnts according to the poll list, and they proceeded to obey the luw, and the ballots were returned to the box and oue drawn out. That bailo should have been destroyed according to law without anyone knowing whut was. But it seeras that the democratie alderman of tlie 5th ward claims to have looked at it and ascertalned to bis satis factlra' that It was a democratie ticket then threw it awiy. But whether or no It was a straight democratie ticket no one seenis to know, nor did it appea in reliable evklence. The question was whether the counci should proceed to settle this contcst ac cording to the statute, or whether i should viólate the law, set aside all pre cedent and return a ballot (without an; authority for so doing) that no one knew anything about except on heresay evi dence, and count it for the democrati contestant. Norris opened the argumente?) fo Taylor, and durinji Mis remarks, and ii fact during the entlre time he and hl eminent colleague had anything to say there was no confusión or disturbance but ihey were listened to In a gentle maoly and polite marmer. Their onl; poinl was that the council was the judg of lts own members, and could declar inj' one elected they chose. The Hon. A. J. Sawyer followed witi an argument and plea for the observ anee of the law. He deetned it the dut} of that body to follow the statute mad and provided for the conduct of all sucl cases and asked the body not to violat tiiat law eimply for partisauship. Durii)2 his plea there was constan interruption by the opposing attorneys and one of them, the more rocen t o the two late prosecuting attorneys strutted about like a bantam rooster in ; blji barnyard. He Coached some of tti aldermen as to what motion it wa proper to make, and talked out loud t his colleagne, and his col league did no use a rery low undertone in replying either. The conduct of this partícula attonipy continued until one of the alder men protested against it, and asked th president of the council to make hin observe a decent bearing while In tha body. The other attorney who is ven mach accustomed totiie words "I object commeneed objecting to republican alder men sayitig anythinjr about the cuse, evi dently (brgettlng that he was only there by their sufteraneo. The council finully decided by a stric party vote to hear testimony and on be half of the democrats several were won and testified to what they thought thej knew. Aid. Allmendinger also brought for ward a voter who swore that he voted in tha öth ward :i straight republican ttcke and his name was not on the poll lista all. Finally AM. Cbristian Martin n-.ovci that the ballot box be produced aiul : recotint. of the votes be made, wliicti wa carrlcd, and President Belser, Aid. Die terle and Aid. Miller were appointed a committee to make the reeounl. Thu result showed that the original count ha( been made correctly, and that both con te8tants were entitled to 82 votes eaeh Then Aid. Christian Martin moved that the ballot whlch was drawn trom the box be added to Mr. Taylor's vote, an the deed was accomplishtd. The cleik announced the result 7 ayes and 4 nays. although Aids. Allmendinger, Dieterle, Spokcs and Ware refused to vote, leaving the result as actually cast 7 ayes and no nays. The result was not a surprise at all, as it was contidently announced before hand wlrit it would be. Is it not strange that good, honorable men, men with whora you would trust your pocketbook even, and feel perfectly confldent that every cent would be strictly accounted for, wilt, wlien it comes to politics, close their e3-es and obey the behests of assumed party leaders, let BUch actlon be what it may? '1'Iir canvas was tlien closed, anl afler passing resnlutions of thanks to tho KcUrlng President Belser and President lro tem Miller, the council adjourned sine die. Rlght here the statement of one fact ouglit to be made. The 5th ward ballot box va9 in such a condition tliat it could not be locked up. It was sealed up, however, with clotti and sealing wax, out the ward seal, we are informed, was in the hands of Aid. Spsfford. Aid. Christian Martin was by far the most liberal and fair man on the democratie side. Hut for him the council would have eommitted the outrage of seating Taylor without recountin; the ballots, even. He honestly believed that ttie ballot was wrongfully (lrawn out that Taylor's name was on it, and that Taylor was entitled to the seat. His entlre action was fair and carried with it the conviction of sincerity. It did not appear to be liis idea that becmtse he had the power he should willfully do a wrong. A number of democrats liave faiil to the writer of this "You republicana knew that Taylor would be seated, wliy did you make the fljthtï" Yes, the republicana oujjht to sit down quietly, sec all law and precedent, diaregarded and the entire earth stolen f rom under then, and Uien turn around and thank their (lemocratic O[)ponent8 for their noble generosity! Is that it? It was not the men, the republicana were fighting over. It wis not a soat in the council they were conteiidinr for either, tliough that would have beon a worthy ellbrt, but it was a protest against disobeying thelaw of our state and our city, and the usurpation of a power by the council which it does not possesp, for there is no power in any returning boiird or any oanvaaalng boird to return and count a ballot that has been taken out of a box in a legal manner, as no one disputes this one to have been. The M. C.R. 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